To hear Jack Markell speak, you would think so.  On his interview with Chuck Todd, he and Chuck scoffed at people opposed to higher standards…

Well, it is not higher standards they are opposed to.  It is all the “crap” tied to those higher standards…


One can find it in both the SBA and PARCC agreements…… (page 10, number 6 on the SBA)

There are reports among many parents of their children, even at a very young age, asking parents how much they make.  When questioned, they say they need it for school.

There are reports of children asking what guardians are, what single parents are, what kind of cars they have; again for the information to be given to the school.

There are reports of children asking what is divorce; what “living together not married means”; what incest is. Again, they supposedly need to know this at school.

The government has ways of finding out this already of course, simply checking your tax forms.  Are they trying to use children to trip up adults not entirely truthful on those very tax forms?

Probably not.  But guaranteed if allowed to continue, someone is definitely going to think of mining that information for their nefarious purposes…..

The Gates Foundation is funding a huge public affairs drive to diffuse this issue.  They state, and cite 4 laws upon which this inclusion is on all 4.

“Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize the development of a nationwide database of personally identifiable information on individuals involved in studies or other collections of data under this paragraph.”

Despite this disclaimer which stresses a nationwide database of personal identifiable information from school children is yet authorized. it still allows for the sharing of all information with the Feds.

When it comes to their own children, the Right Wing is not really that Looney after all….   One must instead wonder about the motives of the Gate’s funded organizations  and the US Department of Education which are behind all this wide sweep of personal information about each and every one of us…