Delaware is moving in this direction although it is doing it slower than Rick Scott in Florida.

But in Florida, an unsatisfactory evaluation was given to the Teacher of the Year.  It’s on her record and there is nothing which could be done.  

For you see, since her school only taught two grades, her school was evaluated by the results of another school in her district, one she has never stepped foot into.

It did badly, so her rating based on test scores was bad too.  Ridiculous! Which is why most of us who are informed are against using test results as a key to evaluate teachers. 

In her case, test were only part of her evaluation.  The teacher received full points on her lesson study: 100 x .20 (20%) = 20 points
Cook received an 88/100 from her former principal: 88/100 x .40 (40%) = 35.2 points
On VAM data — points awarded by the state for the FCAT scores at Alachua Elementary School: 10/100 x .40 (40%) = 4 points

Total points that she received: 59.2 (Unsatisfactory)

Yet she was Teacher of the Year!   

In her words:  “I work with an amazing group of teachers. They are the most hardworking and talented group of women I have had the privilege to know. Yet every single teacher at my school received an evaluation of “needs improvement” or “unsatisfactory” because of this insane system that the Republican state legislators and Gov. [Rick] Scott dreamed up at the beckoning of Jeb Bush and ALEC [American Legislative Exchange Council].”

Yes you do, Ms Cook.  Call your legislator and demand that a third party must step in and be responsible for arbitrating false evaluations made on the flimsiest excuses.