As the survey comes to a close, I was thinking of some of John’s comments and suddenly another idea hit.

That idea was borrowed from last night’s state of the union speech.   In it our Commander in Chief argued that victims of guns need a vote.   It could go plus or minus he said, but at least we had accountability.  Those voting for guns over children, could then be campaigned against for making that choice.  If their districts agreed with their vote, well then their districts agreed with their vote….

But the point is that a vote must be taken.

The alternative to that is what we have now.  Speeches,  speeches, speeches, blog posts, blog posts, blog posts.

Thousands of individuals with ideas about guns, …. but no record.  Nothing is getting done because no one knows where everyone stands.   Are we on the edge of victory?  No one knows.  Are we close so we can win the next time with just a little more work?  No one knows.  Are we so far away from achieving our goals, that every word we spend is completely wasted?  Again,… No one knows.

It is kind of the same with teachers.  Those of us connected hear grumbling from inside every school… We don’t hear from those who are silent.   Many of us don’t express our opinions because we don’t want to ruffle personal feathers of those with which we are forced to work beside.

Just how many teachers like the improvements in the race to the top?  Again, we do not know.  How many teachers see some improvement but some problems?  Again, we do not know.  How many teachers see this program as hurting their students?  Again, we do not know…..

That is what concerns me.

Am I being duped by all the negative press I read about Common Core?  I actually may be.  For as I think about it, all I read are probably 25 individuals opinions, and the publications they happen to feature…   So am I making assumptions here?  Where is my factual data that supports me when I proclaim that the corporate involvement in the  educational process is not working;  corporate is a negative to teachers who are a positive?

Where is the data?

John is proposing that teachers sit this out, and all should look because he makes valid points.   He says silence speaks volumes too….

It doesn’t.  As we see with guns it just mushes things up more.   The NRA forced the Republican Congress to ban all research that might show gun violence kills people. All silence does is make this to be obvious:  “ok, some people don’t like it (why we don’t know) and they stirred up a lot of fear so we still, have no data to determine where we want to go.  We might as well continue our current pathway because we have no data to tell us otherwise…”

That is why  this survey is important.  If it was a resounding no,  a huge vote of disapproval, as would an assault ban passed in Congress be read against the NRA,  everything would instantly move on…

Our kids need us to move on.

But what if  they lie about our surveys some ask and change our no’s to yes’s?  Anything is possible.  Which is why one should also send the DSEA a  note explaining how one voted.  The DSEA can then challenge the survey if  corrupted with hard data, further implicating and damaging the Department of Education if they so tried to corrupt the results….

Bottom line, just like those victims of gun shootings,  our school kids need a vote.  We need to know in just days, where we stand.

If every teacher voted a resounding no,  then changes would finally get made.  But it has to be a lot of teachers voting for that to be the case.

Not filling out the survey sets us up for charges,  just like I make at the NRA,  that you are too scared of  the outcome because you KNOW  you are on the wrong side of the issue here….

Not voting is a “stall” tactic.  It is exactly the same as the House Republicans never putting a Senate Bill against Assault Weapons up for a vote, because then their Republican Party will have to answer to their districts voters,  exactly why they voted as they did.

We need votes. Fill the survey, please.