Here is the link from 2009.

It comes from the National Governors Association, a lobbyist firm in Washington that supposedly lobbies for Governors in Congress and with the administrative offices within the executive branch…

It begins with this….


It wasn’t developed by the states, It begins in Washington.  And here is the prime take away quote….

“The Standards Development Work Group is (2009) currently engaged in determining and writing the college and career readiness standards in English-language arts and mathematics. This group is composed of content experts from Achieve, Inc., ACT, and the College Board. “

After the work was done, (for the schedule dictated that it be done by July 2009), this group would  “be expanded later in the year to include additional experts to develop the standards for grades K-12 in English language arts and mathematics.”

So the standards were developed by only the following people, and I have taken the liberty to group them by their corporate employers... First Math:

  • Sara Clough — ACT
  • Sherri Miller– ACT
  • Ken Mullen– ACT
  • Phil Daro — America’s Choice
  • Kaye Forgione — Achieve
  • John Kraman — Achieve
  • William McCallum — Achieve
  • Laura McGiffert Slover — Achieve
  • Douglas Sovde — Achieve
  • Marci Ladd — College Board
  • Robin O’Callaghan — College Board
  • Andrew Schwartz — College Board
  • Natasha Vasavada — College Board
  • Jason Zimba –Student Achievement Partners
  • Susan K. Eddins — Educational Consultant

 And  second, in English Language Arts.

  • Sara Clough — ACT
  • Nina Metzner — ACT
  • Sherri Miller — ACT
  • Jim Patterson — ACT
  • Sally Hampton — America’s Choice
  • John Kraman — Achieve
  • Laura McGiffert Slover — Achieve
  • Sue Pimentel — Achieve
  • Joel Harris — College Board
  • Beth Hart — College Board
  • Natasha Vasavada — College Board
  • David Coleman — Student Achievement Partners
  • Martha Vockley — VockleyLang
  • Sandy Murphy –Professor Emeritus (non affiliated)

You may notice some wore two hats, one in English; the other in mathematics.  All told (subtracting for duplication) there were 22 individuals, all of them affiliated with businesses making educational materials, who devised the corporate standards in what was to be known as… The Common Core.   And, it was done in the heart of Washington, DC.

Notice that means no teachers; no parents, no one accountable to voters back home, had any single input into the formation of what is now being foisted upon our kids, our teachers, and the voters back home, …. as a Federal mandate.

So when Arne Duncun, Markell, or Mark Murphy, make any statement along the lines that Common Core was developed by the states…..  call them on it…

The proof is right here, … courtesy of the National Association of Governors’ lobbying group…