I know that for me learning off a computer is difficult.  I assumed that perhaps young people who had computers as parents, unlike our generation which had flesh and blood people, could perhaps learn off them, and so I really was afraid to put my own prejudices into the argument…..

But it appears they can’t.  No one can learn on-line.  One can possibly take a test right after reading and get a passing grade, but there is no emotional formulation taking place which puts neurons together as one gets with personal interacton in a classroom…  

The worst performing school in our competitor Race To The Top state, Tennessee, was a virtual school. It’s students learned less than their peers anywhere else in Tennessee last year,  , The school scored a -26.74 on its composite growth index.

  • It wasn’t the teachers.
  • It wasn’t bullying at the school.
  • It wasn’t poverty.
  • It wasn’t poor financing.

It was virtual learning.

It seems like nothing replaces the personal bond between teacher and student when it comes to learning.

This is just one more reform example that gives more clout to the idea that to fix education, we need to get more teachers in classrooms teaching. As for computers?

  • Perhaps we can have computers grade papers.
  • Perhaps we can have computers take attendance.
  • Perhaps we can have computer drones sense and zap trouble makers with tazers.

These would free up teachers to teach, and that, would be the best thing for education, ever.