When deciding the California Teacher Tenure case, the judge cited that the reason for his ruling was that poor teachers were kept in classes hurting the advancement of minorities…  They did not get equal education under the law.

He cited as the predominant reason for his report, a study by Berliner that said many of California’s teachers were grossly ineffective.

The study cites between 1-3% of California’s teachers were grossly ineffective…  Due to California’s large size that could amount between 2750 and 8250….

Slate Magazine’s Jordan Wiessmann called up the expert….

Weissmann:  “Are you the same  Mr. Berliner in the report?”

Berliner:  “Ich bin ein Berliner”

“I pulled that out of the air,” says Berliner an emeritus professor of education at Arizona State University. “There’s no data on that. That’s just a ballpark estimate, based on my visiting lots and lots of classrooms.” He also never used the words “grossly ineffective.”

It is sad, that the only way union busting can go forward, is on fabricated or flawed data.

This case is under appeal….