Those familiar with Rodel know it has recently morphed its Vision 2015 into Edu2025, a ten year extension.  Transparent Christina has their presser up here… 

A lot of time people use nice language to hide truth.  This may be a little hard for some, but we will take the presser as is and “reinterpret” it for you.

Text:  We have made tremendous progress in the last ten years, since Vision 2015 first started. But we aren’t there yet. We still have work to do.

Translation:  You had ten years and couldn’t get it done.  Ten years is 3,652.5 days.  Ten years means someone who is 50 now, was 40.

Text:  We should be proud of all that we have achieved together in the last ten years .In addition to all the progress we’ve made, we are small, we’ve proven we can work together,

Translation:  All we got done in 10 years was prove we could work together.

Text:  ED25 is a draft vision that builds on the foundation of Delaware’s and Vision 2015’s key goals: implementing higher standards, investing in early learning, supporting high-quality teachers and leaders, encouraging innovation, and creating an equitable funding system.

Translation:  We are committed on our new program to doing exactly what we started out to do ten years ago.

Text:  We still have some significant challenges ahead of us.

  • Many students still struggle to reach basic proficiency in reading and math.
  • Performance varies widely and the system remains inequitable.
  • Only 30% of students entering college return for their second year.
  • RTTT funding will end. State budgets are tight, and demands are growing.  And we mustn’t be afraid to tackle these challenges head on.

Translation:  We are where we were 10 years ago, or worse.  We haven’t made a bit of difference…..

Most places this would be a FAIL…  Did you win the game?  No, we failed, but we had fun… lol.


The serious question is:  if these same policies of corporate reform failed to achieve results over the past 10 years, what makes one think that by changing the name and pursuing the same policies one will get a different result?

IF you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got….. 

Here is what will work.

  • 11:1 Student teacher ratio in every school k-5 and every 9th Grade where the low income level is over 50%…..
  • Remove Charter School Funding from that of Public School Budgets.  Fund Charters as line item in state budget separate from property assessments.
  • Remove Teacher Evaluations from Standardized Testing.  Anything over 5% weight, is unproductive.
  • Increase the tax rates on those in the 1% bracket and allocate that towards reducing poverty.

Yes, if we go THIS way, we can fix education.  It won’t take 20 years.