At tomorrow’s HB 90 meeting being held in the Buena Vista Center at 6:30 Thursday, ..(. It is worth attending just to see the building.  It’s a beautiful building.)  All education for Delaware will be up for grabs.

It is important to remember these things.  You vote, You have final word.  Those who are pro-Charter, have to convince you, persuade you, or bore you to sleep  if they want to go forward.  They are not in charge, even though members of the administration have led to think they are.

You vote, it is your money.. Pure and simple.  That makes YOU the boss.

Now Mike O., a person very familiar to those in the educational dialogue, has stressed polite disobedience…. Here is what he said…

Here’s what to look out for:

1. Some influential person on the committee trying to set ground rules that unduly limit the scope of discussion. Jeers, boos, and a general grumbling would be in order if that heppens. And then a strong objection during the public comment period. Enrollment preference has its tentacles into all the major issues: resegregation, local control, cherry-picking, and more. Everything is on the table; don’t let them take anything off.

2. Look for anybody who appears to be drafting legislation!


Now, having been on both sides of many protests involving citizen action against a single minded bureaucracy,,, creating a disturbance in a disturbing fashion, creates ambivalence.   For a while your protest makes you appear to be a member of the uncouth, the barbaric, the brazen, and you denigrate your cause in many’s eyes.  Only afterward as those look into why, and facts which you know but others don’t begin to emerge, do your actions later get justified… By then it will be too late.

There has to be a better way.   How can one voice their disapproval against a meeting that disregards and treats citizens like poop?

Then lightning struck my car.

You disrupt by being so silly,  and so mild at being silly, that you make it impossible for security to escort you out, because they become a really, really bad guy…. “Dude, you can’t take that laughing old lady out,”

So,  what phrase could be uttered in disapproval that would make those uninitiated take notice?   It has to be something with no meaning, a non nonsensical phrase to echo the non nonsensical, Kafkian surrealistic description of the moment….

I was thinking HB 90 HB 90 HB 90  since that was the reason this commission is in place, (thanks Kim) and that sort of generated into “Hubba, Hubba, Hubba…”

Imagine this…

“Meeting will come to order.  First item of business there will be no questions…”


Secondly, the Lowery Doctrine will be in force.  Everyone not agreeing with the panel will be escorted out of the room.


We will give charter schools unlimited funding and take money away from public schools.


Charter schools well be exempt from testing, Public schools will be closed in areas charters are moving in to increase their enrollments.


Public schools are terrible;  Charter Schools are great.


Something along those lines.  Although all would like to attack the panel with pitchforks and tar and that might get us in the papers, but… with our core constituency in jail there would be no one to lead the attack at the following meeting….

Having the entire audience going HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA would have everybody cracking up, Those well educated parents against the public funding of charter schools would have more respect from the populace in general, than those false faces promoting that public funds be used to prop up and keep in business, charter schools.  And those on the outside, as the  YouTube  footage plays itself across the national feed knocking Mylie Cyrus out of the top viewed spot, will finally understand that they aren’t the only parents in sea of counter-publicity who are against the privatization of the public educational system…

So get together outside the front doors, and decide to protest with a HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA.