Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain… .Behold… The Great Wonderful  Oz……

Today’s News Journal finally posts a piece giving the other side of the educational issue.  In a way that is kind of silly because some of the best writing written on this topic has been taking place in Delaware over this past session of Delaware Legislation, and the News Journal has kindly looked away and forceably ignored it, to it’s own peril I might add…  Now faced with the inevitable, they have embraced truth.

The Education Program we endured, … that one which didn’t work no matter how much we bore down harder to force it into a square hole…. was all based on sham…

It was lights, microphones, power points, and carefully sculpted results carved with meticulousness in dark rooms, then thrust into the public’s eye as a random product achieved from following certain pathways…….

Did you ever sit down in a restaurant, look at the picture on the cover of their menu, say “I’ll take this?”, and then…..  wish you hadn’t?

“What the hell?  This isn’t the same thing that’s in the picture?  That was so big, juicy looking!”

Dudes and Dudesses!  We were marketed!… so how does it feel?

Well, we still have the educational system we always did… One that is probably still the best in the world…  The bottom tier of our civilization is more worldly educated than the bottom tiers of any other civilizations on this planet… It should be!  Considering that as a nation, we spend one percent of our GDP on education each year, far more than any other nation on this planet….

How were we bamdoozled?  By false test results.  Having bad data replace the good.

Rhee’s underling:  These tests results don’t prove a thing…  Rhee:  Get everyone here for the weekend,  We are camping out until these results show something different,   And better buy a lot of extra erasures…”

We were lied to.    Now that no one is looking.  Now that no one is there changing test results between closing Friday and opening Monday, the children of DC are doing what they always did before Michelle Rhee took over.  Learning to their ability….  Apparently when you fire teachers who don’t give you results you want, you don’t get results you want anyway.

What does work?  The same thing that works with adults!  (Making the assumption you are an adult) …Are you more productive when you  a)  have to pretend to your boss  who you totally despise that you are being productive, or b)  when you throughly enjoy what you are doing, knowing you are really making a difference, and without you the results would be far inferior?

Kids are just small adults.  They have the same feelings.  Make a kid want to learn, and he will do most of the work himself..  As a nation we have been going down the wrong road, doing the opposite of what our human nature tells us really works…  An 11 to 1 teacher ratio.

So. In the big picture, how can we make inner city children learn math and science?   By making it relevant, and fun.

Seriously if you want to teach chemistry, spend the money, buy the chemicals and then go out to some swampland, mix them and blow things up… Chemistry will become the most sought after class in that school.. Then, you can limit those entering based upon their other grades.  You have just given them an incentive to learn…

Some may not like blowing things up.  Give them a reason to learn as well..

Almost every review points out that at some point in their lives, every child wants to learn.  In a recent video making the rounds titled Changing Education Paradigms, the claim is made that 98%  of all children are geniuses at age 5.  When you measure how a genius thinks, looks at things, analyzes and sorts, their thought processes rare as emeralds in the adult world, but at age 5, are present in 95% of all children… From that point, as children progress we dull that innate skill down to the infrequency we find it in the adult world…

That is the problem we have with education.. We make into a “have to” instead of a “want to”…..

The sad reality is that today’s life outside of school, is the most exciting it has ever been in the history of the world.  In a couple of clicks, a menu of the entire earth’s knowledge is at our fingertips.  Anything we want to watch; is available.  Anything we want to hear; is available.  Ideally if we could force the dulling down of the real world, and conversely make our schools more interesting than home, so children couldn’t wait to get out of the house…. our scores could go up more than a bevy of teachers erasing and changing the answers could ever accomplish….

And so… we have silliness.  We are taking tests three times a year.  We are firing teachers; we are removing principals, we are closing schools, we are withholding funding…  … all for something that doesn’t exist in the “real world”….   Even the tests are contrived so that children will fail. ..

I’m curious.  If we passed legislation that said all entities that provide education services must be a non-profit… if all this madness would simply go away.  No reports of failing schools. No bills  like SB51 change the 35th best teaching institution in America to something someone had in a dream once… None of that. None of that…

Just “Kids, …. today we are going to talk about _____________ …..”