After a brief stint as head Rodel’s Vision for Delaware, Mark Murphy was promoted to the spot of Secretary of Education.

Who is his replacement?

Dr. Dana Diesel Wallace

 John Young  has all the details but on her public announcement there appears this:

….and then served as the superintendent of West Fargo Public Schools in North Dakota. As Superintendent, she and her team fundamentally redesigned their curriculum and established a dual enrollment program. In her time there, she moved her district from the 50th percentile in AYP across all grades to approximately the 90th.

Please go to the source, but apparently as John found out, “that ain’t necessarily so..”

  • The scores she inherited appear to be in the 70’s, not the 50’s.
  • The scores she left with appear to be in the 70’s, not the 90’s.

John has all the corroborating documents on his page… (Hint, it is much easier to find)…

The time frame involved ended only 3 years ago.  This is not something from ones deep, dark past.   What’s ironical is the Rodel blurb brags about how they searched long and hard, pouring over the details of a hundred applicants, and they chose …. this one…