Teachers Get Screwed By Magic Parchment

Something is amiss at Hogwartz.  Under a ruling by Cornelius Fudge of the Ministry of Magic, all witches and wizards must be tested this school year for what is properly called the end of year exams. Those scores will determine if Prof. Snape, Ms. McGonagall, Ms. Trelawney, Prof. Flitwick, Ms. Potts, Hagrid and Professor Dumbledore will return to teach the following year.

It is called accountability.  if one’s students don’t pass then one must have been a terrible teacher and will not continue serving at Hogwartz in the following school year….

The tests are done on magic parchment.  When one writes with a magic quill, the writing appears on another copy parchment deep within educational department of the Ministry of Magic.  So when any student jots down an answer and seals it with a period at the end, that answer is recorded under that student’s name deep within the ministry.

There appears to be a massive shortage of magic parchment.  It is in very short supply.

So the Ministry of Magic has moved up the test and is spreading its taking over 3 months so each day a few people can take it.  That way, they say, everyone by the end of the year will have taken the test and staffing needs for the following year can be solicited.

Ms McGonagall is scheduled to have her students take the test in March……  The test is a standardized test that is meant to test a student’s entire yearly knowledge.  That includes material covered in March, and April, and May.

But if the test is in March, and the subject matter it covers will be taught two months after the test, won’t that cause Ms. McGonagall to be considered an ineffective teacher?

When this question was brought up, the head of the Ministry of Magic said: ” You figure it out somehow!   You’re magic.”