I don’t think I did.  At least I don’t remember ever crying over the taking of a test… I know towards the end of my academic life, where I stretched myself a little too far, I felt like crying, but  you’d be hard pressed to call me a kid then…  Even if a couple of former lovers would disagree.

But stories abound about these tests being dispensed.   All in the name of Common Core.  Here is the logic.

Our kids are not doing as well as kids in Shanghai.  We need to turn them into Chinese.  The Chinese are brutal.  We need to be brutal to compete.  We will make our test so hard and pump so much knowledge into our child’s heads, that we will do as good or better….

They have come and shanghai’d our kids…..

Someone in the Department of Education must hate kids.   That is the only conclusion a sane person can draw…   Making kids cry over a test?  For what?  Does that make them better citizens?  Does that make them better customers?

It has become obvious at least to this human being, that our Department of Education is interested only in the Department of Education.  It has lost focused.

We are supposed to be educating our children so they can compete in a future world.  Making them cry is the exact opposite approach that is needing to be taken….

Instead, our resources need to go to an 11 to 1 student teacher ratio.   Teachers need to be rated if anything on whether their students are or are not engaged….  It is hard not to be engaged as a student when you have a student teacher ratio 11 to 1 ratio….

And the reason they fight this concept of having more teachers teach students? It is because there is no corporate money in hiring teachers…  Wall Street does not get rich like they do whenever a school district buys a test….

And if you can make a child cry when taking a test, there is a good chance they will all take another one to redeem their self-esteem…..