Yes strikes are illegal.  And contracts are signed.  But there are almost 9,000 Delawarean teachers.  At legal fees reaching skyward of $100,000 per teacher, it would cost the state $900,000,000  or $900 million.  1/3rd of our yearly State Budget.  I doubt that they would take contractual legal action against all, and if not all, then most likely… against none.

What would happen to Common Core?  RTTT?  Our state test scores would tube.  Parents would be outraged that our Secretary of DOE let things get out of hand, so every teacher just threw up her hand and said… “I’m done.  I’m doing something else.  I can’t take this anymore!”

What would  then happen if all the administrators quit the same time?  No administrators. No teachers. No transportation supervisors?

I know the smart school districts would announce schools were closed until further notice. The dumb school districts would try to make an appearance to show they had things under control and set up a giant babysitting organization perhaps using work-release prisoners to keep classrooms under control.

The National Guard would have to be deployed to schools.  How much would that cost?   And what would those kids learn? Would their education go forward? Stay the same, or go backwards?

Just imagine every family forced to suddenly change their schedules?  Maybe in two member families, people pull back from their jobs.  Leaves of absences.  Simply quitting on short notice?  Got to do what you got to do.

Imagine being in Jack’s seat if it happened?

First he’d try to break the strike.  Intimidate teachers.  Maybe put Fredericka Jenner in a dunk tank, and threaten to throw the first ball if teachers and administrators don’t return to work?  No. That wouldn’t work.

Second, he needs to figure out how to break the strike.  The national guard would be the obvious first course. They can’t say no.  That could keep children in their seats. Then a national call for Teach For America, SCABS or college students, to “Please Come To Delaware, For The School Year…..  Everyone quit and we got lots of room.  .. You can earn $100 a day  by coming off the sidewalk….”

Whereas the Pullman strikes and miners strikes got violent over use of SCAB labor…. it would be best if teachers left them alone, not even picket…  Sure, go ahead.. Put those non-professionals in.  Let them teach.  Teaching is easy, everyone says.  Anyone can do it.  You don’t need a degree, or a masters.  You just tell children to do their work and twiddle your thumbs…  Oh. Let’s see those assessment test scores?  You gonna’ fire the temps if THEIR scores are low?  What?  No?

The Education Governor, huh?

Unlike a skilled laborer, unlike a skilled coal miner, a skilled teacher cannot be replaced with someone who doesn’t know how to teach… Just look at the abysmal failure of Charter schools compared to Public schools, if you want to see evidence of what happens when you replace teachers with regular joes who just want a job….

In fact, sometimes as any Mom will tell you… if you feel undervalued and unappreciated, just stop.  Do nothing and drive home the point of everything you do that gets taken for granted…

As for jobs.  Other states would love to have skilled teachers moving in.  Or creating your own private school in your own home, could be an awesome option that many parents would jump at, considering the collapse of the complete infrastructure of the County…

Can you imagine?  Wilmington, both business and government would be completely  and devastatingly short staffed and disrupted, Dover would be completely at a standstill.  Probably nothing could grind Delaware to a halt as it would, if every teacher quit.  Every administrator too…..

There is only one option for the man in the Governor’s chair…..  (and it might take a while for him to realize it too…..)

“What would it take for all of you to come back….”

Now.  As parents of school children, we are finally getting somewhere…. my guess, their answer would be…..” Just let us teach…. “