Those who grew up in the thirties, gave us the advances in the 50’s and 60’s.  Aviation still uses many planes made from that era.  One, the B52’s continue to be an important part of our national security.  The first maiden flight of the B-52 took place 61 years ago.  Imagine us driving 61 year old cars today.  Yet today B52’s regularly visit Afghanistan..

Post Second World War, spurred on by realization Germans had outgunned us on modern technology, we blossomed…. In space, in aviation, in science, and math, our national minds rewrote science and ushered us into the world of energy…. And they didn’t have calculators… they had these little wooden contraptions called slide rules that you could slide back and forth and get an approximation in ones calculations…   It wasn’t Romney, it was “they” who built all this… They used textbooks from the thirties.

Now this is more than a goofy statement.  The thirties textbooks were very simple.  “This is what it is”, was their premise.  “This is what we know so far” was there mantra. Today’s textbooks are all muddled up.  “Here is someones trick at remembering this”.  “Here is someone else’s method of remembering that”.  But put a problem in front of someone and saying “figure this out”, makes today’s students lost.  This problem is compounded by the fact that people who themselves do not understand the crisp consistency of math, create and judge our textbooks adding bits and phrases that make it harder for those who do have an aptitude for math to understand even what is being said..  This gives us results as when we found out that all the F-35 and F-22 aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin were grounded after the factory’s Joint Program Office (JPO) identified a failure in the plane’s electrical system while conducting tests on the ground…..  Massave batteries of computers missed something one person with a calculator was able to figure out…

The math books in the thirties may have been boring.  No pictures.  but the math they taught was clear.  Clear enough to push America forward to a point no other generation has yet to catch up to….

Common Core can be likened to a table of tenth graders saying, “you know, we should go to California”.  “Yeah, we could see Hollywood”. “And the Redwoods”.  “And Joshua Tree!”.  “Oops, I left my heart in San Francisco and have to go back and pick it up.  It’s in a bus locker there”. “Does anyone here know the way to San Jose? I’ve been away so long”. And in the planning stages sure, it sounds great…. but has anyone really thought of how’d they get there? That is Common Core, Rodel 2015, and the changes implemented under the Department of Education.

So when you hear Dave Sokola praise the greatness of Markell, Delaware’s Educational Program,  and Race To The Top, ask them if they’ve seen the material handed out in the classroom.  Ask them if they themselves have taken the test.  Ask him if they have watched a really great teacher have a class that fails for reasons completely unrelated to how well that teacher did.  Most likely they would have failed more miserably if they had been taught by a teacher who was not so wonderful… If he says no, he hasn’t… Remember those Tenth Graders around the table planning their trip to California…..