The Smarter Balanced Assessments are now going through Delaware’s high schools…. We have feedback from several.

All students were prepped in advisory the prior day… The buzz was about the coffee cup tests….. As soon to be graduating seniors, they are shown a picture of a coffee cup, and have to label it….

  • The bottom is called the bowl…
  • The sides are called walls….
  • The rim and handle are a no brainer….

I got 50%… because I guessed “bottom” and “sides”…  Hence every  child in every class was given an impromptu lesson on how the test was going to ask each student to label a coffee mug…..

That is what education in America has stooped too…. We spend twelve years of our lives…. to be able to label a coffee cup….  And if we use our own descriptive words…. our teacher gets fired…..

Next, all the students were shown a picture of a water fountain…. with parts….  one of the parts was called … “hidden pipe”.   One of the test questions was…. “why is this called a hidden pipe?”……  After dumbed silence, one student answers…. because it is hidden?…… “Yes, exactly!” says the advisor……

How much per year are we paying for this test?  $28 million?  Why? So our graduates can say a hidden pipe is called a hidden pipe because it is hidden?   And if they should as we and most savvy adults would surmise, that such an answer was way too obvious to be the correct answer, that there has to be a trick, and it has to be something else….  their teacher gets fired…..

This is the stupidest test I believe mankind has ever created……..

The teachers had to take the test first….   All of them failed….  Said one,…. I had such a headache and I just couldn’t make out what they were even asking…. so I just filled in random answers to get out of it……

So what did the students do?

Filled in random answers to get out of it….   Almost every one… The data compiled by the accompanying Smarter Balanced Assessment Group, will be completely worthless.  Kids were randomly clicking points on graphs.  Randomly typing in numbers without reading the problems fully.  Did they know any questions?  Not one.  These were all too convoluted for graduating seniors to decipher. One said they used to know it in seventh grade, but that has been so long, they’d forgotten it…. Most couldn’t understand the question that was being asked….

Overall, one sensed from the students that the entire experience was a surreal experience.  We were asked by them…. are they really going to use that f’d up test next year?

Yes… unless members of our General Assembly wise up and demand to see the test, then publicize what they saw, and then vote to continue the current test, the DCAS for another two years…. you will be taking this test next year…..

No way anyone will pass it, I was told…..