In another vague amorphous defense of RTTT found embedded in today’s News Journal, David Hufflepuff again calls upon noted expert Dr. Louise Moates…  The last time I paid it no mind, but after considering she was quoted a second time, I began to wonder.  Why are we basing our entire state educational policy on someone in the educational field that not one of my sources has ever heard of?

After much searching we were able to find one comment…. and here it is…

“This review finds that Moats exaggerates the findings of the National Reading Panel (NRP), especially the effects of systematic phonics on reading achievement. She also ignores research completed since the NRP report was issued seven years ago. Perhaps most disturbingly, she touts primarily commercial curriculum products distributed by her employer – products that have far fewer published studies of effectiveness than the products and methods she disparages…..”

 In the end, the this report works more effectively as promotional material for products and services offered by Moats’s employer, SoprisWest, than as a reliable guide to effective reading instruction.

Mr. Hufflepuff!  What say you now!

(Editors note:  Although misrepresented rather appropriately, the author of both News Journal pieces actually goes by the name of Hefferman, and is allegedly a member of the state Board of Education.)