Tennessee after having their House vote 82-11 to pause Common Core, has chosen not to fight it in the Senate and by next week we learned today, Common Core will be dead in Tennessee and so will the PARCC.  They will use their TVAS (equivalent to our DCAS) across the interim….

The main reason behind this happening is that those in the powerful  corporate-reform loby, have real fights over the educational issues most dear to them, such as increased vouchers and increasing the number of charter schools,  Both of these would have sailed through both conservative Houses and across the governor’s desk with no controversy, had it not been for Common Core.  The vitriolic hatred by every Tennessee parent towards Common Core has pasted itself now across all corporate reform…… Neither voucher or charter legislation may now be passed!  Both are very close.

Those are now in danger and the full attention of the corporate-reform lobby must be directed to working those money bills through their legislature.

I never expected Tennessee to be the first to do so.  This makes them the second state behind Indiana to bail from the ridiculous “standard” program officially known as Common Core but locally know as “Give Coleman All Yo Money”….GCAYM.

Now Delaware….

Based on the outcome of what just happened in Tennessee, where many parents and teachers have joined a movement to opt out of the PARCC test and only take the state test, in  their equivalent of our DCAS… That might be a grand option for Delaware, and if we can organize starting today, use civil disobedience to opt out of the Smart Balanced Assessments when they get rolled out as a test in May….

We have one month starting today, and in that short time, we are quite capable of generating enough noise to raise awareness against the taking of the Smart Balanced Assessments.

Here is how it can happen.

We need those who represent real people and not lobbyists,the Kowalkos, Baumbachs, Potters, and Williams (yep Kim, roping you in) to put an OPT OUT OPTION (OOO) bill onto the floor…  The main reason for this bill is not necessarily to get it passed, but to give us a target to have darts thrown, thereby elevating this conversation into every family’s dinner table discussion.  Without legislative action, it will take longer than a month….

We next need the educational blogs to all take it up… saying TAKING THE SMART BALANCED IS NOT SMART — CALL OUT! (Elizabeth is already ahead).

We need teachers to slyly mention to their students to tell mom and dad that they should not to take the SMART BALANCED ASSESSMENT and if they get a little slip of paper from Mom and Dad saying they have to see grandma that day or visit a doctor or something, they can get out of school every day the test is up to be taken….

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears… does it make a sound?  If the Smart Balanced Assessment is given but no one takes it; is there really a Common Core?…..

What are your thoughts.  Those on district boards:  can you run something like this past your members?

Anyways, this is doable.  It is simple, measured, accurate, responsible, and targeted… We can stop Common Core in Delaware if we can seriously undermine the Smart Balanced Assessment data this May in all our test schools…..

With enough support, maybe we can delay the test for 3 more years as in Tennessee?…….