Charter Schools are about investment.  Not children.

Here is one. EPR Properties.  It has many properties, 42 are Charter Schools.

Their words on CNBC.

Well I think it’s a very stable business, very recession-resistant. It’s a very high-demand product. There’s 400,000 kids on waiting lists for charter schools … the industry’s growing about 12-14% a year. So it’s a high-growth, very stable, recession-resistant business. It’s a public payer, the state is the payer on this, uh, category, and uh, if you do business with states with solid treasuries. then it’s a very solid business.

They further continue…. Anchor: You’ve invested in retail centers, ski parks, you’ve got charter schools, you’ve got movie theaters…. If you could buy one thing right now, David, one type of asset in real estate, what would it be?

Well, probably the charter school business. We said it’s our highest growth and most appealing sector right now of the portfolio. It’s the most high in demand, it’s the most recession-resistant. And a great opportunity set with 500 schools starting every year. It’s a two and a half billion dollar opportunity set in rough measure annually…..

In response to: if a charter school fails?  We have  the arrangements on a master lease, so there’s no loss of rents to the company.