Christina’s School Board didn’t go through with it… they took the waiver… Red Clay made waves by saying no to the waiver… Capital followed suit.. no waiver….

The Murphy DOE administration has said, “we can’t have this fight”, particularly now with trying to resuscitate Common Core, and brought pressure on members of Red Clay to a) retake the vote, and b) to make sure it changes its original intent to  not seek a waiver…  In other words there is great pressure on Red Clay to pass the waiver….

As expected the choice those members of the board have are the following….  a) acquiesce to the Markell-Murphy-Sokola triumvirate and do what they want, or b) stand up for every child, every parent, every teacher in their district and draw the line saying no to the waiver….

Behind closed doors and with no one knowing, it is a foregone conclusion.  One bows to the power at hand….  But these doors are not closed… Education is in the forefront in part because Markell has put it there…   All know that if anyone wants to “improve” education, making tests harder is pointless; putting more teachers in classrooms is productive.

There comes a time in every person’s life, when we have to make a decision between the “easy” decision and the “right” decision…  We can rationalize the “easy” decision as being the “right” decision but using a laundry list of excuses… I might lose my job, and then what good would I do.. They could find something embarrassing on me and publish it, then what good could I do?  This could ostracize me and make me less effective… then what good could I do?

But however we do our rationalizing… we know the bad guys won.  We know they got over on us and though we are still intact, the problem we neglected, is continuing and that every day it continues, worse hurt is wrought…  We know this, but don’t think of it because it makes us into cowards… We fear what we are becoming, we suppress it. We busy ourselves with other things, shrug our shoulders and move on…

But, occasionally…  something goes wrong with the bad guy’s plan.  The person they lean on, snaps.  “F” it!  I’m doing what is right. I’m doing what is correct!  I’m doing my job for which I was elected and put here!….  I am here for the children, and no child deserves to be in class over 22 students, particularly when it is practically impossible to teach with child/teacher ration over 11/1…. !

And their courage is infectious… suddenly the others who were bought out, know, they will be found out.  When the public comes to their door, demanding, why didn’t you vote along with the brave souls who stood up to tyranny?  Why did you choose to side with the bad guys?

That is hard to defend…   “Oh, they bought me out with this promise, and that promise, than another promise, and for that, I chose to screw all the children in Red Clay District… Sorry.  But hell, I got mine…..”   A response like that can get one lynched….

Courage spreads… It starts with one stand, and spreads with another, and another, and another….

Delaware’s children do not NEED tests telling them how stupid they are.  Delaware’s children do not NEED computers installed, support teams hired, data coaches to interpret, those very same tests that will tell us how stupid our children are. Delaware’s children do not NEED a Hunger Games contest to determine who gets the $10,000 bonus by  killing off all other competing teachers…

What Delaware’s children need… and really do need… is someone who has time, to answer this question….

“Teacher, I don’t understand what you are doing, can you please help me?”

That doesn’t happen in classes of 22 students and one teacher who spends 90% of their time, trying to align her teaching with a test that does nothing but tell us how stupid our children are….

They aren’t stupid, we all know.  The premise behind the test is what is stupid”….  “Push them all in the pool and the ones who learn to swim on their own, can live…… ”