“Thanks to Chalk Face we have the talking points which the educational-front based union busters, are promulgating.

Essentially, their appeal is to warn unions that their membership has changed since 10 years ago.  Fever veterans and a lot more interchangeable newbies…  Here is their unveiled threat.

“Three basic demographic facts of today’s public school teachers should give teacher unions long pause before continuing to support policies that appeal primarily to a shrinking base of veteran teachers: 1) 52% of U.S. public school teachers have fewer than 10 years of experience (up from 25% in the 1980′s); 2) Approximately one million (or about 30%) of all U.S. public school teachers are expected to retire in the next five years; and 3) Today, there are more first year teachers in American classrooms than there are teachers at any other experience level.”

Sounds more like a reason to fight back harder, than it does to kow-tow, and give up everything, just to be noticed and get hugs from corporate reformers (ie. having a seat at the table.)  A teacher’s union chief I would think, should be more of protector of the flock, than a socialite..

But in just a few years of suck-a$$ leadership,  coming from underneath a period of weak-willed quislings, the teacher’s profession has taken a big hit… If we want our future kids being taught by defrocked priests, in a time when just “anyone” can teach, then going forwards, weakening the standards of teaching, is directly how to proceed.

One should call for a strike… But in Delaware, no public employee can strike while pursuing public duties.

So what would happen if they quit?  Most are quitting in less than 5 years anyways… Imagine, one day… no teachers come to work…  of course the story “why?”. would get out immediately. Of course once all facts were out, the parents would side with the teachers…. And imagine the Department having to hire 21,000 teachers all at once?  At what cost?  $60, $70, $80 thousand apiece, in order to get warm bodies to move from their old positions, and come over to Delaware to fill out this term?   All new hires would cost far more than they pay teachers now.

The state would have no choice but to grant amnesty and offer (beg) to hire all teachers back.   The teachers could refuse to return until a new contract was finalized….

For you see, it is one thing to threaten teachers with their jobs, and threaten to fire them if they don’t agree with more, and more, and more concessions… Most will see taking less over having nothing at all as the better bargain… However… it is a very different ball game to recruit all brand new people to come in and work for less than others will pay… That is practically impossible….

In fact, the only way one can get someone to pick up and come in, is to offer an outrageous amount per job, to get someone to choose to even take a chance in Delaware…. it would be far cheaper to rehire Delaware’s teachers.

And what would happen to Common Core that year?  It would have to be called off.

If they simply quit, it wouldn’t be a strike.  Quitting is legal under Delaware Code….

Obviously some changes need to happen at the top of the DSEA.  A more aggressive style is needed.  As a historical illustration, Chamberlain did all he could in Britain during the 30’s.  The Brits finally tired and threw him out, and  hired Churchill.   The DSEA has its Chamberlain;  it needs to open a search for its Churchill…..