1)  removes the Charter Performance Fund entirely… vote yes.

2)  Charter applications go first to school board, who gets to vote up or down, and if no, it can be appealed to the DOE.,, vote yes.

3)  includes bullshit to protect the financing. Trying to clear up the lunch issue, the segregation issue, the accountability issue, the approval issue, the out of sync with the Delaware educational policy issue, to distract one from the real cost of $5 million dollars coming out of public school funds and going into charters.   You get the idea…. vote  no

4)  keeps families grouped in the same school to save on driving..  that happens anyway; don’t know if this is needed…  vote no.

5)  removes the 5 mile limit which is beneficial to both Sussex County and Wilmington.   Two blocs at opposite ends of the state?  Vote yes.

6) turnover gets added to the evaluation, making it not “a good thing”  Good move.  Vote yes…

7) Permanently bans capital funding for Charter Schools.  This is the big one.  Vote yes.   This is huge.

8) Requires charter schools to follow the basic low income regulations all public entities must also follow.  No discrimination due to lack of money…   vote yes.

9) If added, the funds coming in to the Charter School system must all be devoted towards low income projects…  A noble aim, but too hard to monitor.  Vote no.

10)  This lowers the fund to 1 million, not that much.  It would be unnecessary if amendment one gets passed abolishing the fund entirely.  This one if all other fail first, is a vote yes.

11)  This one specifies that 50% of the charter performance fund be designated to “high needs” students.  If  the fund gets passed, this is probably the better option, over 100% of funds having hands tied to just one factor…  If this comes up,  vote yes.