This weekend the NEA is in session… National Education Association. This teacher’s union previously took Gates money to “explain to teachers the benefit of Common Core.”

Here is what is happened so far, and to be honest, since only 50 people need to sign on to a proposition, don’t jump to conclusions…

The NEA officially calls for Arne Duncun’s Resignition. This passed the full body.

New Business Item (NBI) 17, directed that the NEA board vet “the appropriateness” of all external partnerships. The rationale was that the union “should only enter into partnerships with public education-friendly organizations.”

Two other NBIs (34 and 47) proposed that the union be more transparent about the corporate sponsors it engages with…

NBI (54) asked that the union “inform members about money directly received by third parties (like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) before doing anything with it.” Which is noted, probably was the reason for all the other three as well…

The first did not pass, and the other three were deflected to a union study group for further review, and taken off the table…

More surprises are on the way… Yet still, this shows more union engagement and backlash against Common Core than experienced in any past sessions…

This morning the NEA demanded “a moratorium on state takeovers of school districts and that state takeover districts be returned to local control.” That was proposed from Newark New Jersey where government is taking over schools.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, a strong critic of attaching high stakes to test scores, scored a 94% weighted victory and will be the new leader of the NEA.

“If you see that there is no change in high-stakes testing; no change in obsessive test prep; no change in labeling students, teachers, and schools by that standardized test score, you’ll know that they don’t really care about higher-level, critical thinking skills, and that it was all just a PR ploy.”

She hails from Utah, and has been anti-standardized test, from as far back as NCLB. Of note, her backup team voted on by the assembly, is all minority and also female. Go women!

The delegates approved an NBI denouncing “toxic testing” and calling for “more effective and responsible forms of assessment and accountability.”

The best speech went to Stocks who convinced most, that against unlimited money coming from the Kochs, student centered leadership will win out… It’s about the kids.

The key note, given by the former head who was stepping down, summed it up very nicely…..\

“Accountability is not about what the test scores are…. it is about what the system did, in every way possible, to help all students succeed.”

In other words, accountability is whether you succeeded, one student at a time… Not how well your students performed one time on a test someone else made up out of thin AIR…..)