• The Founder who gives himself a salary
  • The Board who pay themselves handsomely
  • The Real Estate Broker
  • The Landlord of the Property
  • Vendors who provide Food and Services
  • Construction Crews whether for renovation or ground up
  • Regulators who must inspect the premises.
  • Charter School Umbrella Groups

Did I miss anyone?


Against this we must balance the negatives.

  • Children sent to Charter Schools who receive inferior education
  • Teachers underpaid at Charter Schools
  • Less money spent on classrooms at Charter Schools
  • Poorer test scores when Charters are compared to Public.
  • Less overall funding available for needier students still left in the public schools.
  • Children refused entry based on learning disabilities and or economic status
  • The Blight that descends upon a district that allow Charter Schools to come in.
  • Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Milwaukee, all failing because they allowed Charter Schools.

One must look at the social costs of establishing Charter Schools very carefully.

If one wants creativity and innovation, establish a private school.  Catholics did quite well on that principle.

But public school are for “The Public”.  If it gets paid for with public funds, it needs to benefit the public.

  • Not the Founder
  • Not the Board
  • Not the Real Estate Broker
  • Not the Landlord of the Property
  • Not hand picked Vendors
  • Not affiliated Construction Crews
  • Not Charter School Umbrella Groups

Delaware needs a very serious discussion as to why we got sucked into the Charter School Get Rich Scheme and why we are still considering even more.