And another study piles on… again proving that Jack Markell, Arne Duncun, Mark Murphy, Rodel, Chief’s for Change, are all wrong for education…  We have seen a glut of such studies this year… compared to zero studies that support any of the premises being made by these so called reformers… Don’t take my word for it simply because I say so, but to me it is safe to say they are all on the wrong track…

This study focuses on what happens or happened, in impoverished school districts where a Federal Court said:  “rectify this, it isn’t equal education….”

In all those cases more money was spent in schools and results got better….

You see, the enemy to education is poverty.  If you attack poverty, you improve education… If you do nothing  but test what students don’t know, you get nothing but a lot of documentations stating that students don’t know what was on the test….

The things that don’t work this study shows… Are:  Charter Schools, Race To The Top, Common Core….

The things that do work:  ratios of more adults per student in classrooms, higher teacher to student ratio’s, keeping classes small enough so emotional bonds occur between teacher and student and student doesn’t want to let the teacher or his peers down….

The study shows a direct correlation to putting more money into more teachers, results came quickly…

It is not about putting more money… Delaware as in Newark New Jersey spent tons of money… ALL   ON  CONSULTANTS…… or friends of Jack, here;  or friends of Corey in NJ.

Consultants tell you what you already know…  Letting teachers teach is the best way to education children….  The Smarter Balanced Assessment won’t make children smarter…

It is as if over a hookah, Mark Murphy and Governor Markell designed an obstacle race for all of Delaware’s students.  They were to prep for it all year with calisthenics and when asked, run their hardest….  The state would be ranked by the average time of all those running… There are two ways to get the times up.  One, invest in the top runners, so they pull up the score… Two, remove the ball and chain of poverty so the 66% on the bottom can run unencumbered….

Mark Murphy and the Governor chose the first option…  This study says the second option, getting rid of the ball and change those in poverty always have to carry around with them, does much more to improve those race times on the bottom….

The best way to remove the stigma of poverty, is to have teachers assigned as coaches to each student, and work within that student’s framework, to get him/her to respond….   In a phrase, it is to let teachers teach….. In schools of poverty, the way you do that is to put enough teachers  per student, to allow them the luxury to do so…

This study shows, when the court orders a district to do so, great results will happen….

When you test New York with a much harder test, all you do is fail 70% of its children…..