Closing the schools

Firing all the teachers

Busing all the kids hours away to new schools

Putting 50+ kids in.a class

Virtual schools

Common core

Stripping funding from them

Handing then over to profit centric people


Handing everyone an ipad instead of a good teacher

Continued testing


Forcing all disabled kids to take ACT

Charters with fascist mandatory marches

Narrowing curriculum to exclude arts, history, science



Schools that teach creationism

Schools that treat kids like products instead of people

Mass school closings Etc

(Basically anything Arne Duncan does)

By opposing Arne Duncan, if we do nothing else, we are improving schools by delaying
him from destroying them.

Courtesy of Crazy Catfish in Louisiana passed on through Diane Ravitch.

Delaware’s HB90 task force should bookmark to make sure none of these ideas go forward in their recommendations. They’ve already been disproven.

On NBC’s Education Nation which starts today, an excellent group of students, one from Philly, one from Chicago, and one from DC, excoriated school reform as it was done to their schools by using all of the above….