Monday was a bad day for education in Delaware.  The education officers were inside a spinning washing machine….

But,  when one sees the methodology of how these tests were conducted, as with Delaware’s lower SAT scores it appears there is a very good reason for the lowness…. That is: other states cheat…..

Here is a partial list of last year’s…  (The data for yesterdays bombshell report was compiled back in 2012;  as a marker, that was way before the Republicans had even figured out who they were running in 2012…. It was also before Common Core.


(Courtesy of Education Week.)

As you can see, Delaware exclude fewer students by a percentage than any of the other states mentioned…. Maryland’s NAEP scores were above the national average, but of all the students it excluded above,  Ms. Lowery excluded 62 percent of 4th graders with disabilities and English-language learners from taking the reading test, compared with 12 percent nationwide….

Of all the 4th grade students with disabilities in the testing pool, Maryland included less than a third—31 percent—on the reading test. Other states included as many as 90 percent or more of those students, and the size of the testing pool—2,500 to 3,000 students—is the same in each state. Maryland posted among the highest 4th grade reading scores in the country that year, and it was one of the few states to improve its scores from previous years…..

Now we know why…. Nicely done, Ms Lowery, Did you learn that in Delaware?

Faked Results

So the real question we need to hear from our education gerus, is how much exclusion on the test did Delaware do? If little, then it is impossible to compare state to state…. We probably are doing better. It is really hard to believe our education of special eds is worse than Oklahoma’s…. or Georgia’s…. or Florida’s……