There is a traitor in the DSEA.   A mole whose purpose is to destroy the teachers union,  for forty pieces of silver.

I didn’t see it until now..   I remember Steve Newton upon SB 51’s  calling out the teacher’s union for actually supporting the “boss man” over teachers and children.   I thought it was a snow job then, and you know, we’ve all been snowed before, so it happens.

But the DSEA is now supporting another bill that gives away teacher’s rights for nothing… That  is HB 165…   John Young is paralleling this thought right now…

We will know who it is with the next promotion… Someone was promised a big step up if they delivered the union… They certainly did….

It was obvious early on that someone was approving the official line of the DOE without even looking at the bills going forward through legislature..,  but to think the Union Heads would sell out the teachers was unthinkable even a month ago….

But having thought they got away with it the first time,  they are trying it again…  That is just not in the cards so obviously, to a trained card dealers eye,  something fishy is going on…

So what are we talking about?  SB 165. Section 4. Line (m).

The Department of Education shall administer a performance fund for charter schools, to be known as the “Charter School Performance Fund”. The Department of Education shall establish threshold eligibility requirements for applicants desiring to apply for funding, which shall include but not be limited to a proven track record of success, as measured by a Performance Framework established by the charter school’s authorizer or comparable measures as defined by the Department. The Department of Education shall also establish criteria to evaluate applications for funding, which shall include but not be limited to the availability of supplemental funding from non-State sources at a ratio to be determined by the Department. The Department of Education shall prioritize those applications from applicants that have (a) developed high-quality plans for start-up or expansion or (b) serve high-need students, as defined by the Department. The fund shall be subject to appropriation and shall not exceed $5 million annually.”

Since I wrote the first part, the mist has become thinner and the vision clearer.

Nancy writes that:

DSEA’s recent attorney and now Exec. Director, Jeff Taschner, is a total Markell stooge as is his wife, Renee who is a Markell appointee to the DE Vo Tech Board and newly slated NCC DEM Party officer.

Go back to whom the Executive Director is…  the Executive Director of the DSEA….  A stooge, huh?  Let me guess, .. it’s Curly?  Larry?  Moe?

So … Guess what is in today’s release of the  appropriations bill?  

Section 272: During the course of the fiscal year, the Department of Education is authorized to continue the work of the Public Education Compensation Committee to review and make recommendations to the Governor and Joint Finance Committee regarding the public education salary schedules authorized in 14 Del. C. c. 13. The committee shall consist of the following individuals or their designee: Controller General, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Secretary of Education, Executive Director of the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA), one school business manager and one school superintendent. The committee shall review comparability of salaries statewide, in addition to surrounding areas and alternative compensation models. A report of findings shall be submitted to the Governor and the Co-Chairs of the Joint Finance Committee….

A seat at the table?  The DSEA is silent because of this one seat at the table.  And it is not occupied by someone like Tromka, the outspoken  AFL-CIO leader of the national chapter.  It is filled by “an attorney”

Forty pieces of silver buys a seat at the table… What’s for dinner, Jeff?

Here is what should have happened and didn’t.

There was no initial outrage.  There were no letters to the editor.  There were no materials sent home to parents.  There were no scores of people knocking on doors to spread the message that public schools were in trouble.  Instead of a Battle of Britain, … we got Czechslovakia and Austria… No!  Make that just Czechslovakia.  At least with Austria we got the Sound of Music!  There’s no music here today…  There was no one buttonhole-ing Senators and Representatives.  There were no lobbyists visiting the same, informing of the consequences of taking this action.   In fact, they approved it.  “Heragain” commenting on DelawareLiberal, documents the fact that when concerned parents questioned a certain Senator’s vote, their response was “the DSEA is for it“, and that was that. ..

Against this vacuum there were patsy rainbow letters describing unicorns dancing through the halls of Charter Schools, with everyone wearing glasses the color of roses, and only smiles were allowed all day…  the News Journal bent over backward to paint that picture…  The blogs tore those pieces apart.

But it should have happened earlier… by the DSEA… That is normal political behavior.   So now, legislators are getting hit with massive vicissitude, when to their point of view, they were suckered into this position.  If the DSEA had done their job!  and been an advocate for the teachers, these legislators would not have been misled that they were doing what was right by voting for these bills.

While they were thinking they were helping teachers!  When they were  really reporting their whereabouts back to the Sanhedrin!   Jacques’ HB 165 is a very destructive and harmful bill, and it took everyday normal Delawarean citizens to realize this and fight tooth and nail against it….  and let legislators know, they were fooled into making a very big mistake…  A very, very, very big mistake…  The DSEA for as long as I remember, has always advocated for teachers. This is the first time it has kept its mouth closed…

And all for a seat at the table, (and he’s not even a teacher, mind you)  worth 40 pieces of silver…..