What’s changed since then?  Charter Schools.  Charter Schools are the rich white man’s way of legally continuing segregation….

The new study was compiled by the University of California Los Angeles. It compared data in studies going back 17 years… That would begin 1996-1997.

Most of those studies came to the conclusion that segregation was not a factor.  it is their methodology that makes those previous studies suspect.  The studies were originally commissioned to find whether or not  their was “Intent” to segregate… It looked at all black schools, and all white schools and found that the few blacks in white schools didn’t feel intimidated, and the few whites in black schools didn’t feel intimidated. Therefore there was no segregation.

It failed to look at the bigger picture and see that inner schools were all black, and outer suburban schools were all white.

“When the Supreme Court began to authorize the termination of  forced desegregation plans, white-black contact in the region began to decline significantly. So there was obviously a policy, as well as a demographic impact in places where there were serious desegregation plans. Our data shows significant increases in segregation for blacks and Latinos from whites in the past two decades.”

The previous reports which echo Justice Scalia’s philosophy and say “Segregation Is Dead” did not measure segregation based on what we would expect: the numerical opportunity to bump into another member of another race.  Instead, they isolated their view to determine if segregation was reflective of the community it was in.  For example, if you have an all white charter school in an all white neighborhood, that is not segregation.  Likewise if you have an all black school in an all black neighborhood, you do not have segregation…  Yet when you look at opportunities of exposure to different races, it is obvious that blacks will never meet whites, whites will never meet blacks;  we are segregated more than back in time when Bill Clinton was elected President.

The true reality behind Justice Scalia’s viewpoint is that if you change the definition of a policy goal, either explicitly or implicitly, and develop statistics to measure that change, you will get a different result.  So when told segregation is no longer a problem though one can see if right in front of them with their own eyes, this is how it is logically derived.

The fundamental problem of segregation, however it may be formed, is that it fosters the development and perpetuation of racial stereotypes, what Martin Luther King called “the false sense of superiority of the segregators and the false sense of inferiority of the segregated.”...  Metro-wide in inner DC, the percentage of whites in the school of a typical black student fell from 26.1% in 1989 to 17.4% in 2010 (when 37.0% would have represented a proportional level of exposure)…

So based on actual racial composition of schools between 1999 and 2010 in Justice Scalia’s backyard of DC, under the reign of Michelle Rhee and her army of erasures,  we see a nearly 20% growth in the number of schools with 90-100% nonwhite enrollments and a growing concentration of African American and Latino students in schools highly segregated by race and poverty….

Alas, segregation is alive and well…

Because of Charters.  And vouchers, both have the same destructive influence.  Charters were sold in metropolitan areas as the “way” to get your child out of the failing school his feeder pattern had set for him.  It would be a convincing argument were it actually based upon truth.  If one’s child was destined to rise to the middle of mediocrity, and simply by diverting his path one could bypass  the quagmire  and provide him with unlimited opportunity, then who wouldn’t want their child to follow suit?

The expressed lies were basically two fold.  The first, was that Charter schools provided an illusion that they were superior.  Only when testing was mandated to be applied equally to Charters and Public education, did we discover that marketing was hiding an awful lot of sins…. The big second lie brushed over and not told to us, was that Charters were very selective.  They get to choose who gets in the door, and who doesn’t….  And since they are offering  private “opportunity” and not  acting just as some part of bureaucracy, as long as whatever methods they chose to delineate between those “in” and those “out”, (Attention!  All those wearing a Rolex go in thru the green door ; those without go through the red one) were not racially based it was “all good.”

So one could racially bias one’s enrollment, without “officially” racially biasing one’s enrollment.  Giving rise to this example of one of Delaware’s own Charter Schools asking on their application of admittance, “if one’s momma picked watermelons for a living” (not kidding, Google it! It’s for real)

In the middle of the Michelle Rhee era, in metropolitan Washington DC Area, white children made up 13 percent of the district’s school-age population, but make up only 5 percent of public and charter school enrollment.  They got siphoned out of the district.

DC Charters

Graph Courtesy of Brookings Institute

The above interactive graph shows in one second how adding Charter Schools, as is being begun in Wilmington, causes segregation. Get a ruler and hold it straight across the graph at the 66,000 mark….(this is the interactive part, lol)  Above that imaginary line are all the white students, below that imaginary line are all the blacks and Hispanics…  All the whites and some minorities have matriculated into these specialized schools.  And what is left?

There you go.  Segregation growing right before your eyes.  Wilmington today is where DC was at 1998 on the above graph….

It is possible that legislation can curb white flight by using the resources within our state’s General Assembly, to require forced integration be performed on Charters  since Charters are an aberration of our school system .  In other words to grant a charter license, the state DOE  must require that a 50-50% mix of privileged and non privileged be forced together.  Another aspect would be to eliminate racial classification and enforce economic classification.  Forcing rich and poor to live and work together is almost more important than blacks and whites these days, since the future of segregation is economic, not based on melanin in ones skin.

In other words, if you want to open a charter school in the Bank of America building, you had better be busing some kids in from Greenville and Brandywine Hundred, like Greg Lavelle’s kids. Otherwise: oops, sorry. No charter for you.

Better yet, outlaw charter schools or if you still want innovative processes, put Charter Schools under the jurisdiction of the school district in which they reside.  Instead of having the state DOE controlling the Bank of American charter schools, Red Clay or Christina should.  This would make those who run charter schools responsible to the parents of that district’s students, instead of only to professional lobbyists (and those who pay them well, very well)  who are working part time (Jan-June) in Dover.

The following cities have shown remarkable increases in segregation since they allowed Charters to come in and scoop up their cream students.

Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.  Segregation has indeed gotten worse, and we have only the Charter Schools to look to when accounting blame…. Charter Schools: the rich white man’s way of legally continuing segregation…. and  it is coming to the city of Wilmington beginning next Fall. 2014.

Now is the time to demand legislation that all Charters be required to have 50-50 co-mingling between poverty and privilege…. or get reabsorbed by the district in which they reside. Period.