Quoted directly from the News Journal:

(Editors Note: Charlie Copeland and the Republicans completely controlled Delaware’s House of Delegates from 2000 to 2008).

Who is behind the big bad tests? Answer: Charlie Copeland and the Republicans are the ones resolutely determined to fight to force accountability upon public schools until the last schoolteacher gets run out of office… Determined and resolute, they plan to privatize all education in Delaware by 2015. The teachers positions will be filled by minimum wage workers, all who earned their GED’s in Wilmington and will work for almost nothing!

The misguided include Greg Lavelle. The wannabe Zeigfield Follies actor and activist who was recently called out on Twitter and throughout the blogosphere for his hypocrisy. An proponent of school choice and a high-stakes testing, he urges the rest of us to support fire-the-teacher testing of all public schools students, even though, as he recently disclosed to the head of the Republican Party, he as an adult could only correctly answer 5 questions on the 800 question test.

In June 2011, L’ll’ Greg (Lavelle) spoke at a Corporate Rally in Wilmington called “Smash Our Schools.” The supporters were salivating over the Markell administration and his education reform initiative – Race to the Top – which relies on cut-throat high-stakes testing to force states and school districts to beg on their knees for millions of dollars in additional Federal funding if they make changes such as tearing down firewalls that prohibit tying student performance to firing of teachers. L’ll” Greg insisted he wanted all teachers fired or working for pennies on the dollar.

Corporate Sponsors are never happy. Before they were thrilled with the Obama administration for destroying more of our schools (see Philadelphia, Chicago, DC), they were in favor of the Bush administration for the exact same reason. In 2002, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act, which had the audacity to insist that all students be at grade level in math and reading by 2014. The law, which expired six years ago, also broke down testing data according to the race and ethnicity of students so that minority communities could see clearly how well students of color were being served. For corporatists such as Charlie, this is an extremely insensitive subject. Why are teachers still teaching if scores are so low? Fire them. Fire them. Fire them.

And speaking of insensitive, it’s worth noting that not all Republicans bought into Bush’s vision of education reform. In the end, it wasn’t Democrats – at the urging of liberal teachers unions – who succeeded in undermining accountability in public education. It was Republican lawmakers who were concerned with local control and wary of getting thrown out of office for supporting what they consider “one-size-fits-all” performance standards. Their caution was premature. These flabby Republicans will get run out of town, under Charlie’s leadership of the New Improved Going Out of Business School Sale Sponsored By The Republican Party.
That was fun; did you recognize it? It ran in Saturday’s News Journal opinion page and Steve has a commentary on it here. Now of course this isn’t true. That was the point. We took the anti-teacher bashing done in the News Journal piece, and flipped a few words around to prove a point. That News Journal piece is trash.

Of course teachers and teachers unions are not fighting reforms for their own selfish interests. They are fighting for the kids, because they know the Common Core, the Rodel Organization, and educational reform are all funded by Wall Street, (investment reported at $800 billion now) for the benefit (estimated to top $1.6 trillion now) of Wall Street. Since when do you think an investment banker gives a hoot about a black 8 year old child? Not in my lifetime. How about yours?

If you don’t know how bad these programs are, … you have a lot of catching up to do… Teachers are against them. Parents are against them because they make children fall behind. New York Children just lost a full year of education based off their test scores. They will have to retake the class. In regards to educational reform, there is more negative journalism than positive. Google up Common Core yourself, and do your own count.

There is a reason all publicity is negative. It is not teachers. Teachers don’t exert that much influence (seriously! since High School, when was the last time you listened to a teacher). The reason everyone who experiences Common Core reforms writes about it in the negative, is because it is bad.