Going through archives this nugget particularly needs to be brought up to the surface this day.

“Bonuses for schools that meet or exceed agreed-upon goals for improvements in student achievement”  — Objectives:  Rodel’s Vision 2012

“This one reveals the height of current hypocrisy. The original Vision 2015 plan called for bonuses paid to schools for achievement, in recognition that it actually takes an entire school to educate a child. Ironically, six years later, education reformers are trying to withhold millions of dollars from the Christina School District for trying to do what Vision 2015 used to say it thought was important”. — Delaware Libertarian April 26th.

So who is closer to the original goal of bettering the educational environment of our schools?  

The Christina School District.  Rodel’s Vision 2012 even says so itself!…. 

Recommend the reading of the whole article.  It becomes obvious how the original intentions of Vision 2012 have slowly evolved into a way of making money for investors… 

Kind of sad the kids got kicked off the bus during the process.