Obviously we are talking about Bond, as in the Bond bill, and you can probably guess, this will focus upon the educational aspect.

Start with this…

Pupil Accounting $1,073,500 versus Teacher Accountability $2,400,000.  Pupils are  half as important as making teachers sweat.

DCAS  $6,050,100  Always wondered how much those tests were costing us…

Parents as Teachers… $1,121,600

World Language Expansion (teaching Mandarin) $1,938,900…

“Salary schedules and staffing formulas contained in 14 Del. C. c. 13, shall be
revised; remain as specified in this subsection and be effective as of July 1, 2012-2013. ”

“The base salary amount for this section, from July 1, 2012/2013 through June 22, 2013/2014, shall be $27,781. The Bachelor’s Degree, 0-year experience point on the index is defined as the base”

(95-01-00) Secretary of Education $160,145

(95-01-00) Deputy Secretary of Education $131,093

(10-01-01) Governor $171,000

(15-01-01) Attorney General $145,207  (chopped liver)

(12-01-01) Lieutenant Governor $78,553 (cat food)

“Section 18.In accordance with the provisions of 29 Del. C. § 5106, effective for all fiscal years commencing after June 30, 2003, exceptions to the standard practice of paycheck deductions shall be made for employees paying dues to the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA). For all All employees designating that DSEA membership dues be deducted from their bi-weekly paycheck shall  have those dues deducted from the 22 pay periods occurring within the 10 month school year. This change will facilitate the maintenance of the state payroll system as well as establish a consistent process  for managing the collection of dues from members of the Delaware State Education Association. ”

Section 278. Section 1 of this Act makes several appropriations to the Department of Education (95-01-01) for Educator Certification and Development activities, Student Standards and Assessment,   Infrastructure Capacity and Educator Accountability.The Secretary of Education, upon approval of the Office of Management and Budget and the Controller General, may use said appropriations for departmental initiatives and technology infrastructure to implement provisions of the Race to the Top application.

Section 281. Notwithstanding any law or regulation to the contrary, all consequences related to the Statewide Assessment System for individual students including summer school, Individual Improvement Plans, retention, assessment retakes, retests at high school grades and the related student consequences shall be eliminated until such time that the Statewide Assessment System is fully implemented, as determined by the Secretary of Education, for all Delaware students.

Section 294 .For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012/2013, any local school district that has had two consecutive failed current expense tax referendums during the time period July 1, 2010/2011 to January 1, 2013/2014, is authorized to exercise the cash option on Academic Excellence units up to the total number of units provided under that program. This provision will apply for Fiscal Year 2013/2014 only. In addition, districts meeting this criterion are authorized to utilize funds derived from this cash option to pay local salary supplements. Any district that has had a successful current expense tax referendum subsequent to two consecutive failed current expense tax referendums is ineligible for the provisions of this section. Section 312.Notwithstanding the provisions of any state law to the contrary, the Red Clay Consolidated School District is authorized to utilize state transportation dollars to fund students traveling from routes to and from the Cab Calloway School of the Arts and Conrad Schools of Science and the Indian River School District is authorized to utilize state transportation dollars to fund students traveling from routes to and from the Southern Delaware School of the Arts.

Section 315.The provisions of this Act to the contrary notwithstanding, consistent with the provisions of 14 Del. C. § 509(b), charter schools eligible to receive allocations from the Professional Accountability and Instructional Advancement fund, Academic Excellence and Minor Capital Improvements program will not be required to submit an application to the Department of Education. Any funds received as a result of the allocation of these programs may be used for current operations, Minor Capital Improvements or tuition payments.

Section 316. Notwithstanding 14 Del. C. § 508 or any regulation to the contrary, a charter school may negotiate a contract (multi-year, if desired) for contractor payment for school transportation up to the maximum rate specified which is currently 70 percent of the average cost per student of  transportation within the vocational district in which the charter school is located or the charter school may publicly bid the transportation routes. If the actual negotiated or bid costs are lower than the maximum rate specified above, the charter school may keep the difference. If the charter school  includes a fuel adjustment contract provision, the charter school shall be responsible for increased payments to the contractor or it may keep funds taken back from the contractor.

Section 319. The Brandywine School District Board shall maintain as a standalone program its Gifted and Talented Program (also known as the Odyssey Program, formally known as the Brandywine Academically Gifted Program) at least through the end of the 2013-2014 school year. The program shall be fully maintained at Mount Pleasant Elementary School, the Claymont Elementary School and the P.S. DuPont Middle School. During this time, the District shall fully support the Odyssey Program in terms of outreach, recruitment, assessment of students for entry into the program, curriculum development, teacher assignment and other support elements as currently exist.

Section 322.  A school district operating a tuition eligible program or school special school or program or with tuition eligible students may not reallocate state units earned for the special school or program in these cases, if such reallocation requires an increase in the tuition tax rate or tuition billing amount. If a reallocation of state units earned will not require such an increase, districts may reallocate positions as necessary to ensure the most efficient delivery of services, except for those instances currently prohibited by Delaware Code.

Section 331.To ensure that districts and charter schools are implementing the needs based funding system appropriately, the Department of Education shall, in cooperation with the Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens, create a Certification of Earned Staff Units protocol. The results of all monitoring shall be reported atleast annually on the department’s website.

Section 332.  The provisions of 14 Del. C. § 154 and § 155, and any implementing regulations  in DE Admin Code  that the Delaware Department of Education determines to be inconsistent with  the Department’s ESEA Flexibility Request as approved by the U.S. Department of Education shall not  be applicable to Delaware Public Schools and School Districts during the flexibility waiver period, and the Department is authorized to promulgate interim regulations consistent with said application and approval which shall be effective during the flexibility waiver period.  (Potter just took over the School Boards)…

(ok, I know it’s not the “Bond” bill, but that was just too good of a title to pass up… )  So, are you “shaken up” yet? Or just moderately stirred?