Pencader, Reach, Moyer… on and on and on….

Allan Loudell pulled up a great list I had not seen.   A list of all the charter school failures..

Together they all come together to make a valid point….  How does creating charters which fail, help school children?

How do you give a child back a year, or two, or three, or four, or five that they’ve missed?  You can’t…  Schools are so hard to close, and present a number of problems when you try….  Where do you put the students who have to move?…if they are behind, what impact do they exert on their new school when they matriculate in the next year?

Public schools have never faced this problem.  In fact, their test scores have steadily improved across the board since 1983….when comparative testing started.  In fact, this year, which measured Common Core’s inception, is the lowest gain it has ever shown since it was begun…

You can’t privatize education. It creates problems; not solves them…   Don’t take my word for it.  Catch up next year and ask the girls at REACH……