A quick comment on Rhonda Graham’s piece in the News Journal regarding Jea Streets outburst and the Christina School District.

First, the praise.  The comment by Shirley was pretty weird, and Rhonda was correct to point that out.  Jea Street is not going to turn into Adam Lanza.  I believe though, Rhonda mischaracterized the board’s  fear was of Jea Street when it was more, over whether his rabid followers would also lose track of reality since their cult leader obviously did in print.  The posse were the ones who were feared.   We well remember Henry II’s emotional outburst about the Archbishop of Canterbury….  Still, that fear should have been quickly put aside and not been pushed to the press  which had the tendency to distract from the real essence of why RTTT is a bad idea.

So that was accurate. On the other hand, she fails to bring up these points in her support of Jea Street.

1) the RTTT and charter programs segregate and discriminate against blacks far worse than the existing system.

2) .Under RTTT and charter programs, test scores are plummeting to new lows.

3)  Under RTTT and charter programs, Common Core is pissing off more students against learning than it is teaching.

4)  Under the “Broad”  trained Superintendents, the mess was made. The current crew is in the process of cleaning it up, and is doing nicely.

5)  She neglected to mention that Jea Street is a joke, and  is considered one by all who have to work beside him.. Demanding the firing of three of the most competent board members in this century’s history, is grandstanding pure and simple.  Jea Street might as well call for  Obama to step down, because he didn’t raise taxes high enough the first time… Poppycock and  Rhonda should know this.

These absences from her story make her portrayal incomplete….

The reason she neglected to tell her readers that the Christina board was considering to refuse the money being offered by RTTT, was that the strings attached to that sum of money would cost the District more than the money itself.

It is like someone forcing a $20 bill on you that you didn’t need, and loan sharking you for a $50 when you had to pay it back.

Jea Street can’t understand Math.  If Rhonda looked a little deeper, she might have realized it….