Just last summer an consortium of  Catholic educators appealed to their ruling body, the Bishops, to eliminate Common Core from Catholic Schools…  Their reason:  it was evil…

Recently reported is a letter from a Utah Mom.  I am going to presume she is Morman.  Here is her case for Common Core being evil… Although some secularists may think evil is a strong word and silly, I ask you to read through their reasoning and see if you think, that description is appropriate…. As some have mentioned, based solely upon the percentages and numbers of children affected, Common Core may be more destructive to tomorrow’s society than child porn.

A.  Common Core is evil because it is based on political power-grabbing that snuffed the voice of the people,

B. Common Core was a move that was based on dollar $ign$ and not academic honesty. It was agreed to, in exchange for federal cash.

C. It cannot back up its lies of “being an improvement” academically, since it’s totally experimental and untested..

D. it cannot back up its lie of being “internationally benchmarked” because it’s not internationally benchmarked.

E.  It cannot back up its lie of being unattached to the federal government since it is tied like an umbilical cord to the Department of Education.

F.  The Dept. of Ed is officially partnered with the very group that created it (CCSSO) both in the standards and in common data technologies. The Department of Ed has contracts that mandate micromanagement of Common Core testing…

G.  By law the Federal Department of Education is NOT ALLOWED any dictation of curriculum, and the tests micromanaged by the Federal Department of Education, are solely what will drive the curriculum.  Common Core then is a violation of Federal Law, but being so newly and partly implimented , no lawsuit against it has yet reached an upper court.

H.  Common Core diminishes teachers’ autonomy  through federally supervised testing that drives curriculum.

I.  Common Core’s federally funded SLDS data mining amounts to “unreasonable search and seizure” of private effects.

J.  Common Core diminishes the standards of classic literature especially for high schoolers.

K. Common Core marginalizes narrative writing, and dumbs down high school math –as has been admitted even by its creators.

L. COMMON CORE LACKS A REPRESENTATIVE AMENDMENT PROCESS.  It was never explored, debated, looked through, or passed by any legislative body anywhere.

M.  Common Core is only amendable by the NGA/CCSSO, according to their own words on their own website.  They own the copyright and no one can use the material, or make changes.

N.  Common Core hurts kids.