SB 51 now has an amendment. In the House!   This amendment corrects a lot of wrong with just a few words.

Here are the changes….

AMEND Senate Bill No. 51, as amended by Senate Amendment No. 1, by striking lines 94 through 105 in their entirety and substituting in lieu thereof the following:

(d) Each teacher preparation program approved by the Department shall establish rigorous exit requirements, which shall include but not be limited to achievement of passing scores on both a content-readiness exam and a performance assessment.

(e) The Department shall promulgate rules and regulations governing educator preparation programs pursuant to this subchapter in collaboration with Delaware educators.


If this is done, we can all have the  best of both worlds.  One, we as parents of Delaware’s children, now have oversight.  We have someone we can go to when we see issues that are not right.  Before, we had to take whatever… If that whatever was bad, we were all simply screwed… Parental oversight is important.  Not just in the creation or planning of great policies, but in their implementation.   Parents are the front line in education. They are the first to know if their child is thriving, or failing… Long before the child or teachers even have a clue.

Two, this policy allows for necessary changes which will improve teaching to be allowed to go forward.  The testing is a good tool. but not one we should be using as our sole criteria to evaluate ourselves and our educational process.  Put in proper perspective,  it is like rating a carpenter on the quality of hammer he uses…  Not his output, not his accuracy, not his speed, but on whether he sprang for a ‘highly rated’ hammer or not… 

With this amendment, we can proceed.   The tests can continue, and we can do what we were told they would be properly used for…. to find the weaknesses in our children’s learning and work to repair them… 

As long as a teacher does not have to worry over her job by my child taking a test, I as a parent don’t have to worry whether all my child is learning is… how to take that test…. I would much rather know the she doesn’t understand indirect objects, or can’t tell the difference between a preposition and an adverb.  That is useful, and the tests can continue, if they are used properly.


This amendment assures they will. 

Can the House please vote unanimously on this Bill as did the Senate? 


Paul Baumbach today is the hero of every parent of a school aged child……