As I leaked earlier, the PISA scores came out yesterday, Tuesday…   A change in how they were announced was made by the powers that be.

Here is how the results are usually rolled out, from 2009 backwards….

“It is usual practice for research organizations (and in some cases, the government) to provide advance copies of their reports to objective journalists. That way, journalists have an opportunity to review the data and can write about them in a more informed fashion. Sometimes, journalists are permitted to share this embargoed information with diverse experts who can help the journalists understand possibly alternative interpretations.”

Oh, boy… not this year…   this year it was given to public relations firms, the ones with “inside access”?  You know, the kind that Jack Markell, Ted Cruz, Mark Rubio, Scott Walker, all hire to get exposure on national television and market their names  around the country?  In the old days, we use to call them Madison Avenue types, but now they reside on the lettered streets just down from the capitol in DC.

The organizations who have been provided with advance copies of this government report, and that are participating in the public release are: The Alliance for Excellent Education, Achieve, ACT, America Achieves, the Asia Society, the Business Roundtable, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the College Board, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, and the National Center on Education and the Economy. These organizations and their leaders have a history of bemoaning Americans’ performance on international tests and predicting tragic consequences for the nation that will follow.

Why would someone do that?

Why would a figure in our very own government, responsible for the accumulation of statistics in ones field, give the data first, to spin doctors and advertisers?  Does he think he lives in a bubble of his own creation?  Is he completely deluded to think that no one will notice that what we are getting is rubbish and not hard facts?

Would we trust Moody’s if it was owned by Fox News?  Would we trust the Bureau of Labor Statistics if it was owned by Obama-haters?  Would we trust the quote of CIGI stock if CIGI owned the Dow Jones Industrial Average?  Would we trust Breitbart if it was run by the Democrat National Committee?

Of course not. Of course not.  Of course not…

And he expects no one to notice that all those companies decrying the US is falling behind, have over $400 billion worth of public dollars spent every year in order to boost our educational rates  a little higher? And want more?