Interesting story from Nancy that dove tails into what Steve put up earlier…

As told only as Nancy can:

“One of the interesting things Jaques told us at the May PDD meeting was that the working group had an agreed process where they reviewed ideas and only those that reached a consensus were added to the list of recommendations.

Jaques said that the up-to-$5 million Charter Performance Fund, to be controlled by DDOE, was NOT placed on the list with consensus. The fund ended up on the list despite NOT being supported by the working group.”

This year Earl (D-Charter Schools Network) has claimed vociferously that he–NOT the Charter School work group–authored HB 165...

In the printed text of Earl Jacques himself:

“So if you want to know where this bill came from – its me along with some help from Rep Kowalko!!  I was also a member of the Charter School Study Group. Therefore, I used the information I gained from that group along with personal observations to author HB 165.”

So where DID the slush fund come from?

In one version it was sneaked in by the real authors, the Delaware Charter Group.

In another, it was all written by Jacques and Kowalko, (even though Kowalko states the bill (he thought he had written) morphed into something totally different….

So which is it Jacques?  Were you the one we must all blame for creating this “gimme piece of legislation” to the aristocrats who run the money behind this state?  Or are you the one we must all blame for being their patsy, and disguising their work to sneak it in under the radar of anyone watching???

Would you lie to me?  Be careful, Jacques… we’re on to you now…