Lol. That was supposedly in Alabama.    So… I thought if I were to duel, I would plagiarize from Wikipedia as did he, to get myself up to that level of intensity…. since in his words, that seems to be a precursor to performing a duel…   I now wonder how Aaron Burr was able to access Wikipedia before the silicon chip?

So the part of Wikipedia I wish to plagiarize, comes from here….

Tell me… does this sound familiar?

“The curriculum was changed radically. Independent subjects, such as reading, writing, arithmetic, the mother tongue, foreign languages, history, geography, literature or science were abolished. Instead school programs were subdivided into “complex themes”… ” Such a system was a complete failure,”

“Education was inflexible and suppressive. Research and education, especially in the social sciences, were dominated by corporate ideology and supervised by the DOE… Such domination led to abolition of whole academic disciplines such as teaching… Scholars were purged as they were proclaimed pro-union or Liberals during that period or worse, “anti Common Core”…. Most of the abolished branches would be rehabilitated later in  history although many purged scholars would never be rehabilitated… In addition, many textbooks – such as history ones – were full of corporate  ideology and propaganda, and contained factually inaccurate information …

“Another aspect of the inflexibility was the high rate at which pupils were held back due to not passing a test and required to repeat a year of school. Typically 70–90% of pupils in elementary grades were held back a year. This was partly attributable to the pedagogical style of the curriculum and its tests, and partly to the fact that many of these children had disabilities that impeded their performance. “


My!  My!  My!   How familiar it all sounds…  And to think I stole it from a Wikipedia Account titled Soviet Education…… And just inserted Common Core for the references regarding communism…. as well as leaving the dates out…..

I was thinking over how Markell, Chuck Todd, Mark Murphy and even Al Mascitti were belittling those against Common Core as  being Tea Party doofs… ” Oh, Common Core is Communist!” they mocked…. knowing fully well that communism has been gone now for over 20 years….

So being the curiosity seeker that I am, i went to see what Communist education was really like.  I do know the stories we all heard growing up, sort of sound like Common Core today…. just substitute Pearson for the Politburo….  I do know that the concepts of “rigor” and “grit” were applied to both.

And I do know that their system didn’t work.  Our’s did.  We won.

As we were taught early on in our lifetimes, individuals banded together, are always more resourceful and stronger than something that gets all its commands from a central authority.

In the duel between the US and the USSR, the US won.  A big part not often mentioned, was how we beat them in education.  Our technological prowess was more advanced.

So the next time you hear someone beating up on a 9/12 patriot who states  that Common Core is communist,  figure out that he is talking about the pattern, and not the ideology.  For if you isolate the pattern, as my attempt to stir up a duel by plagiarizing Wikipedia like Ron Paul shows,  Common Core and the Communist system are rather consistent.

It’s just the Pearson conglomerate instead of the Politboro who is driving it.  It’s the exact same car.

( Put-Put. Runs like a Skoda……btw)

Well so much for my duel.  Guess I’ll go find a banjo player on a porch somewhere……