As noted elsewhere, states that hold parents to be the ultimate deciders of their children’s education, are the states most appalled by the revelations about what is actually in Common Core…. In all those state,s legislators tend to be more accountable to public opinion, and simply with a flip of their wrist, can’t write parents off with a News Journal Op-Ed written by Sweeney…. and their sycophants all chorusing… “Aye, it is so…”

This is real.. This is Right… Common Core is an abomination and if allowed to continue, will destroy the entire intellectual capacity the US currently has…. This program dumbs down students…. “Don’t think for yourself”, it teaches… “Just make a random guess”…. “We aren’t even penalizing for wrong answers anymore…..”


South Carolina Rejects Common Core

(Although Indiana was the first state to drop Common Core, it appears the new…

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