The robot that grades your child’s test?  Thinks that is a really good prose sentence… giving it the highest marks….  Humans who have to grade 5 essays a minute, averaging 12 seconds a child, are not much better…( Uhhh, looks good… Uhhh, can’t tell give it a 2…”) .

Yet these scores will fire teachers and close schools…

This is Pearson which landed the contract to do all the testing in the PAARC consortium next year. (Delaware uses the Smarter Balanced Assessments).  Pearson is training its robo grader to take the place of humans for next years onslaught of grading: half of America’s students….

(Common Core was all about money; all along… It was never about students.)

Robo-graders do not understand content.  For them, all commands it receives, are based on algorithms and classifications of words placed in certain order. It is further augmented by counting the number of letters in each word, assuming the longer the word, the more “intellectual” it is… and by counting the number of words in each sentence.

Most human-taught writing uses Hemingway as an example and teaches the exact opposite:  use the minimum amount necessary to convey the message.  Long winded sentencing is deemed bad writing.  But not now.

Recently, three computer science students, Damien Jiang and Louis Sobel from MIT and Milo Beckman from Harvard, demonstrated that these machines are not measuring human communication. They have been able to develop a computer application that generates gibberish that one of the major robo-graders, IntelliMetric, has consistently scored above the 90th percentile overall. In fact, IntelliMetric scored most of the incoherent essays they generated as “advanced” in focus and meaning as well as in language use and style.

“Well” say Common Core supporters. “We are in the testing phase and there is a year to test it out and work out the bugs…” But, one will never know.  This will be tested internally within Pearson.  It could be horrible.  It could fail completely as these tests showed. It could become the next Edsel…. But we will never know.  it is proprietary.  Like a new car, it will be bought sight unseen, paid if full, and a year later we will get delivery… Is it a good car?  We can’t know!….

Most people do not order cars in this way for a reason.  We want to test drive it first…. If we test drove a Buick LeSabre and the wheels fell off, the steering column broke, the passenger door opened while driving… ( hmm, that might be a nice feature…) and we still awaited its delivery a year later, we’d be fools.

That is what this test does… It scares us to death for the safety of our children’s future learning….

Pearson refused to have their program tested. When asked, they said:  “We won’t let you test it because you are going to try and show how it does not work….”  


Do you want your children to unknowingly suffer so Pearson can make its profit line?  It is your child… Do you love them?

If you do, tell your legislators to let teachers teach and get rid of Common Core…..  It is sad that the making of toasters have more government oversight than the education of your children…..    I mean… who comes up with these ideas?  Aliens?