You are a mom or dad.  You bake a big apple pie for you family and bring it out and set it in the middle of the table.  Your eldest gets up, and with the pie server helps himself to a big gigantic piece.  It is bigger than any other pieces if the rest is divided up equally among his siblings.

The next time, he has a friend over. His friend jumps up and follows his example.  There are now tiny pieces for the rest of the siblings and you.

The next time, his friend brought his friend over and again following the example of your son, all three grab a big piece of the pie, and the rest of the children and you have morsels.

The next time, both his friends bring someone over (you must make a pretty good pie) and recognizing some needs to be left, they take 7/8ths among themselves… and leave 1/8th to be divided among the rest of your family……

You so far have sat on your hands, and when your small children look at you, you shrug your shoulders, and look at them like you can’t change factors beyond your control, and say one word in explanation….. “Rodel”.

This is what charter schools do.  They take away resources in an unfair fashion from those who deserve an equal slice, but don’t have the political power to object…..

Story ends, when your spouse, who despite her gender has more balls than you, comes in, assesses the situation, says to the older children… ” We didn’t make this pie for you, get your own pie;  this is for the little children and the parents.”

Education will flounder until Charter Schools are no longer dependent upon the public school system for their financing. Call your legislator and tell them to fund all Charter Schools as are vocational…. Give them their own pie as a single line item in the state budget…..

It is immoral and insulting to parents everywhere to allow such selfish behavior to flourish and continue….