Here is what has matriculated so far.  The standard theme is that scores have dropped because of higher standards. In an effort to raise standards the bar of passing was raised super high. The thinking was that students would rise up magically to achieve it. It is the same principle as trying to elevate the playing ability of your local midget football team, by having them scrimmage against the Philadelphia Eagles. Then wonder why they lost.

Here is a rundown of how scores with Common Core came in this year.

New York is predicting Common Core will drop its scores by 30%.

Louisiana was on the old system but had one Common Core test question, which came in 10 points lower statewide, which portends doom next year when ELA and Math are Common Core aligned.

Wisconsin’s scores look a lot different than a year ago, with 40-50 point drops standard in each grade.

In Maryland, the test scores are down for the first time in decades, prompting a political editorial in the Baltimore Sun, advising everyone not to panic.

Georgia experienced a 40 point drop in test scores, again due to Common Core.

Minnesota warns parents test scores will drop.

Virginia, which has not joined Common Core still is affected by a drop. The pass rate for Algebra 1 was 49%. Last year under the old test, the pass rate was 84.1%

Illinois dropped from 82 down to an average of 59...

In Michigan, reading scores fell across all grades, though math and science rose slightly.

On Wisconsin,
an astounding 92% of African American and 85% of Latino students are reading below their grade level, and 90% of African American and 77% of Latino children are failing in mathematics. The data further showed that a large percentage of white students have fallen behind as well, with 42% are reading below grade level and 33% failing in math

In Georgia, just under 59 percent did not meet the standard set for an end-of-course test after they took a new algebra course tied to the common core….. They took the course and couldn’t pass the test!

in Kentucky, the percentage of students who were rated as proficient or better in math and reading dropped by a third after officials moved to common-core material….

Florida’s 9th- and 10th-grade students failed the reading portion of the state’s annual assessment, which incorporated common-core material for the first time….

Schools on the East End of New York are expecting lower than average results on the New York State Regents Exams, taken earlier this month, and some administrators feel the transition to the Common Core curriculum is to blame….

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says New Yorkers should not be alarmed if this year’s standardized test scores in math and English drop steeply. Duncan says the tests that New York students took last spring will establish “a new baseline measurement of student learning”.

Ah ha! This is very common in the corporate world. It goes like this: the new boss comes in, says everything is terrible though it isn’t; starts tearing things up royally,and the results as one would expect, are very bad. The following year, improvement is made over the bad year previous, and he says “see his policies are working.” There is a well know incident where 8th grade questions on the previous tests, were compiled as 5th grade questions this year. So a fifth grader is answering an 8th grader question.

My question to you, is whether that put there by accident, or was it placed there on purpose? Point being, someone put an 8th grade question into a 5th grade test. What possible good could come out of testing children on something they won’t learn until 3 years later. Does getting that question wrong make them smarter students? Does it make them better citizens?

No, it was there to throw the scores downwards. Blame it on higher standards,(they have already started) but 8th test questions for 5th graders is nothing but a fake higher standard. All one has to do for the next year’s testing session, is replace that 8th Grade question with a 4th grade question, have all the 5th Grade children score it right, then crow about how much good you are doing for education….

You didn’t do good. You just improved because you took one step onto the first step out of the basement. We were on the first floor last year….