It is beginning.  Destroying history to change history.  In Delaware a principal forbids his teacher from allowing a Holocaust survivor to enter a classroom and give their personal perspective on what it was like to be a Holocaust survivor… This setup has been a regular function in the school.  Same players, new policy… and it was blamed on Common core…..

The principal’s own words…

“What common core standard are the kids learning by listening to her.” 

The second statement was:

“We are not here to teach the Holocaust…they will get that in High School…”

Could it be that the principal is a closet  Nazi, and wants this historical revision.  Perhaps he is a white supremest, and soon will  lead teachers to quietly forget Black History Month as well?  Already in the packets there is no mention anywhere that slavery is bad, in fact,  perhaps there are plans to soon begin teaching slavery was a great Conservative way to ensure cheap labor.   Or perhaps, any mention of how great the Democratic Party was in the 20th Century, will likewise be banned,  dropped from being taught entirely, and only pap from the Republican corporate era will be allowed to enter the curriculum?

Hyperbole?  Or a real threat?  Who knows?  it could be either or both!

Always in the past, it used to be that teachers could work around such guidelines.  As in this case they could ask someone to come in and tell true stories to enlarge their student’s perspectives..

“But… we are not here to teach the Holocaust…..”

Because does having her speak teach reading text?  No..  Does having her speak teach mathematical concepts? No. .

Therefore it cannot be important;  therefore by this principal, it is forbidden…

“What common core standard are the kids learning by listening to her.” 

And from the words of Delaware’s next head of its teacher’s union on this:  “Is what this principal said just relative to this one school? No. We are hearing this from across the state. The humanities are being stripped from our schools in favor of test prep and everything Common Core…”

And so it begins….. selective , bland, cut-and-paste pieces of curriculum.   No longer is a school supposed to teach about the life lesson or experiences of others, but rather, only cut-and paste pieces of common core standards….  As a parent, having my child hear an actual holocaust survivor, (something I’ve never had the opportunity to hear), is a far more important lesson than the ridiculous stupid crap David Coleman calls curriculum.

Perhaps this principal, being an evangelical Christian, has something against Jews and this is his vengeful way of using Common Core to exercise it? Perhaps elsewhere, those with prejudices will do likewise, blame the stringent standards of Common Core to prevent certain parts of our past history from ever being taught….

Soon (and this actually falls within the context of Common Core standards)  our children are likely to get taught……

“In the beginning was the Corporation.  And all about it … was good….”.

This is why every single parent alive today who has ever become involved with their children’s education and has actually with their own eyes, looked at the Common Core materials being sent home, becomes horrified and quickly becomes violently opposed to Common Core. It is a far greater threat to civilization than anything the Koch Brother’s funded ALEC ever dreamed to be.  Right now almost all of us  know the Koch Brothers are warped, frustrated old men.  But in a generation,  college graduates will think there is no better ideal way to be.

It begins by outlawing the teaching of the Holocaust because of Common Core.