Courtesy of Art Prints For Kids.

If you were to pass a law that would strip physicians of their rights, make all their choices undergo review, and then either approve or deny that option,  without getting the physician’s opinions, you’d have a bill that wouldn’t work….

If you were to pass a law that would strip preachers and priests of their ability to communicate what they wanted to their parishes,  where all their sermons would have to be pre-approved after an initial review, but didn’t get the insight of any religious institutions before hand, we would have a law that would be impossible to enforce.

If you passed a law requiring policemen to follow a rubric when writing tickets, and all tickets had to be within that rubric to be considered fair, and no whining, wiggling, or implicating oneself as a state legislator, could change the outcome and you didn’t even listen to the objections of law enforcement officers themselves, you’d have a bill that created far more problems than it solved…

So what is it with teachers?  Why is HB 165 rushed through  without consulting parents who have objections?  Without consulting teachers who have objections?  without consulting school boards who have objections?

Something is deeply wrong when the top three school boards, Christina, Capital, and Red Clay all pass resolutions saying DON’T PASS HB 165,  and yet one still does?  Well, we can expect gigantic problems in the future….  Just as we would in all of the above….

However, with doctors and medical staff, you’d have an uproar!  However with pastors and priests, you’d have every congregation in an uproar!  However with law enforcement officers you’d have an uproar from every arresting official!

Where is Frederica Jenner, former champion of Red Clay?  Now head of the DSEA, The Delaware State Educational Association?

I think we know.