if you are a bunch of girls and you go out, some of the best times are spent in the rest room.  There you have real conversations, and it gives you a break from the guys sitting at the table, spinning their yarns… of which only some are interesting.

But rather quickly with no guys around, things get settled who is going where afterwards, and plans are made, and then it’s showtime:  back into the public.

Under our Democratic Bosses in Delaware legislature we are party to the exact same. Because Republicans aren’t even an option anymore,  messy debate on the floor is unnecessary.   Instead it is handled in caucus.  Things get decided there now . Amendments get proposed, counts are taken, amendments can either stay or be withdrawn, but the total outcome is known well before walking out onto the floor….

There on the floor is the public.  Waiting to hear the debate and sitting on their sweaty hands wondering if this speech will sway that legislator, or that speech sway this legislator.  The vote gets taken, everyone holds their breath, then erupts in either cheers or sobs…

Meanwhile just after the caucus, the counts are called over to the governor. and leaked to the other (insignificant) party so all know the outcome and if not in their interest, still get to buttonhole those to possibly change their mind.

It’s a sham.

It’s a railroading of bills unchecked past the security checkpoint with a wave of the hand.  Seal on the boxcar’s door says  “no inspection required”…

This is corporate philosophy.  This is deciding what to do then doing it..

Some may like that…  But there is a significant flaw in that method that up until now our country always had a safeguard to prevent it from occurring.  For what if what you decided to do, turned out to be harmful and wrong?  And that was the necessity of having a public debate to persuade the American Public that this was the right path to go… By having two sides appeal to the American public for support, the American public got to decide which way the vote should go.

We  pass laws against it almost yearly, but it is seriously easy to buy a legislator.  You don’t need to buy every one, just enough.  But it is almost impossibly to sell the American public a bill of goods that has no delivery date upon it. The charter school law is an example of ramming a piece of legislation without it being debated  in front of the American Public.

This bill will affect every parent in Delaware by lowering the quality of education their child receives, whether in a Charter which this bill addresses or Public which this bill penalizes.

Whereas lobbyists are often invited to sit in on caucus hearings, the America public isn’t.  instead, they are those guys talking Phillies-versus-Nationals at the table outside, far, far removed from the real action.

In our General Assembly only one side is getting presented.   Where are the parents?  Not invited.  Where are the teachers?  Shut out.  where are the various school boards and their supervisors?  Ignored, compromised, and dissed.

But the Charter School Network gets access.

So of course the Senators are going to do what is best in that vacuum.  They have self interests too.

The problem with all these arrangements occurs when the guys, decided to change their plans and break off their dates to go see the Nationals take on the Phillies with tickets for right behind home plate.  The silly girls were not all that anyways.. (spent too long in the bathroom)….

In an effort to mainstream decisions of their own making, the current Democratic caucus is making itself irrelevant.  Look at all that’s passed so far.  Who in January would have dreamed Gender discrimination would be passed this term?  Rent Control was passed, after 15 years of talking about it!  Geez! What other issues are even left to attract fund-raisers and campaign upon?

This one. And the Democrats by isolating themselves from the reality of people who are mad has hell their children in Common Core are going backwards, that their public schools are cutting back their favorite programs because Charters are siphoning off their funding while getting all THEIR expenses paid for by the state,  are going to find they are completely on the wrong side of the one issue that matters….

Because instead of having a messy discussion that might not go where they wanted, they opted for a clean one where they could wash their hands afterwards…..

And the date was going so well up to that point, too……..