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SB 79 was put forth as a protection of student data.  Everyone voted for it because who would want child predators to have access to children’s data?….. it passed 17-4 in the Senate.(Lavelle, Pettyjohn, Lopez, Richardson scoring the no votes) and passed 40-0 in the House.

They were tricked.

An amendment was offered. SS1. Ostensibly to change typos.  “deleting certain definitions; and (9) correcting minor typographical errors.” –– Synopsis. 

What was not seen were these few words…. “The Act is substituted for Senate Bill No. 79 and differs from Senate Bill No. 79 by (1) creating a new chapter in Title 14 of the Delaware Code creating the “Student Data Privacy Protection Act”; (2) deleting provisions addressing data security and privacy responsibilities of the Department of Education in favor of establishing the Student Data Privacy Task Force to study and report on those issues as part of a comprehensive evaluation of student data privacy and security within the State’s public education system;

Did you catch that?

The provisions addressing data security and privacy responsibilities currently in code, are deleted immediately, whereas a task force chokes along at turtle’s pace to discuss and develop appropriate safeguards for child privacy. This creates a time gap where data can be shared to anyone with impunity.

A normal policy would be to set up a task force designed to make changes and after voting those recommendations, the new law takes over. The old law continues intact until the new one takes hold. Instead, this bill (SS!)  gets rid of the “protections” immediately. and sets up a task force to determine what protections our children need. By then, all data has been downloaded to corporate data banks….. It is as if we just let convicted convicts out of prison while investigating human rights abuses alleged to have taken place upon them..

So currently there is no entity guarding your child’s data.

Below is who paid lobbyists to write and push this bill…. Google.  Delaware Business Roundtable, Amazon, Microsoft Corporation, Verizon, Delaware Charter Network,

Here is what is in the bill.

Nothing in this subsection prohibits an operator from using or sharing aggregate student data or de-identified student data

for: The development and improvement of the operator’s Internet website, online or cloud computing service, online application, or mobile application, or other educational Internet websites, online or cloud computing services, online applications, or mobile applications.

The words “or other” means your students info is available to anyone.

for: to demonstrate the effectiveness of the operator’s products or services, including their marketing.

Your child’s data can be freely given to marketers.

The provisions of Section 1 of this Act do not apply to projects relating to the privacy and security of student data approved prior to the effective date of this Act...under the Department of Education’s data governance regulation, § 294, Title 14 of the Delaware Administrative Code, in existence on the effective date of this Act.

This act does not apply to old regulations it just got rid of.

Section 1 of this Act becomes effective on August 1 the first full year following the Act’s enactment into law. Sections 2 through 4 of this Act become effective upon the Act’s enactment into law.

There you have it… Section 1 outlines the general privacy planks of the bill it replaced which are not in effect until one full year after signing.

Section 2: which annuls all previous protections in Title 14 and is effective immediately.

Section 3: establishment of a task force can begin immediately while no protections are in place.

Section 4: establishes that if any part of the act is later deemed unconstitutional or replaced by the General Assembly, the rest of the bill still remains intact. In other words, it is severable.  This is in effect now.

Bottom line: your child’s data is already out there in cyber land, thanks to Dave Sokola and Earl Jacques among others.

So how could the General Assembly have been so completely duped?  Even the educational watchdogs? Rather easy actually.  One has to read the bill with the specific intent of figuring how it will be abused, in order to see it…  Since we know the sponsors Sokola and Jacques.  We know there had to be something evil in this bill and so we looked at it long and hard to find out how it was constructed and that clued us in where the violation was.

But in the General Assembly, if a trusted official tells you an amendment replaces typos, you tend to believe it. You skim the bill and see that it replaces existing policy. it establishes a task force, it protects children’s data from going to marketers, and you vote for it…

What you missed was in the timing, how there would be a gap between opening the gate and closing it…  Very clever actually. And all of them were fooled.

So sorry parents.  Pedophiles (among others) now have your child’s data.

Here are the lobbyists so you can recognized their names when they publish op-ed pieces defending their actions…

  • Christopher V. DiPietro
  • Rebecca Byrd
  • Robert L. Byrd
  • Kimberly B. Gomes
  • Jordan Seemans
  • Rhett Ruggerio
  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Cheryl Heik
  • Rhett Ruggerio
  • Kim Willson
  • Jeremy Kudon
  • Scott Ward
  • Deborah Hamilton
  • Paul Herdman
  • Ron Barnes

It appears the prime motive behind this bill is to allow charter access to explicit private specific data files on public school children so they can be hand-picked, culled, marketed to, and manipulated into signing onto charter schools.

That motive would explain this best. But due to the broad nature of this bill it also now allows pedophiles with enough money to buy reports,, the same exact same access to your child’s data at least for this one year.

You may have missed how busy this day was. It was a red letter day for Delaware education.

I would like to direct your attention to information about today.

Accountability Framework Working Group Update Interesting Meeting

Breaking News: Delaware DOE Wants To Add Charters To Priority & Focus Status In ESEA Waiver Request

Big Mouth Strikes Again: What Did Earl Jacques Say This Time To Diss Parents?

And finally….

State Board of Education: “Poverty Is Not An Excuse…It Is Not Destiny”

Reading through all of these one understands just how much change has taken place in Delaware’s educational field that was not approved by Delawareans… In fact, most of us are solidly against it.   But by handpicking working groups, by having the state board dismiss or add whatever it wants, and by giving the DOE the right to make up whatever it wants with no oversight by anyone, certain agendas have now been set in stone….

But like the Emperor’s New Clothes, the ruse is based on a sham….

That sham is the new upcoming school rating.

It is sort of like a credit score but for schools.  As you know, you may try to always keep up your good credit score, but if some entity can benefit from your scores’ lowering, there is really nothing you can do… That payment mailed last month, didn’t arrive until the day after it was late, and your surcharge and note to a credit scoring company was unfortunately already sent.

Now credit scores are beneficial for banks wishing to credibly loan money.. But should they also determine more than your driving record of what you pay for automobile insurance?  (They do)… Legitimate entities like banks may need to know how well you pay back what you borrow.  But should employers also be able to cut out every applicant for a new position whose score is below their preset level?  (They do).

The idea behind linking all these necessary life functions to your credit score, was to make you scared and try very hard to keep it as high as you possibly can… Which means banks will get their money.

The original idea pushed in the survey just last year over the stoplight rating of schools, was that knowing how a school performed would help take some of the trial and error parents experience as they try to find the right school for their child…. What the above articles now show us, is that this is going to be used as a whip to flagellate public schools.

  • Opt out percentages…. will count against your score.
  • Charters if allowed in… will now be able to win all the reward prize money because they get to handpick their students and public schools don’t.
  • Everything  in this score depends on how every student does on this one single Smarter Balanced test.
  • Poverty is being dismissed as the prime factor in a student’s score; blame is being shifted on teachers by the State Board of Insolence…..
  • Charters are being rushed into existence bankrolled by large charter operators, despite embarrassing local operations.

This is the agenda of the scored school rating;  to make people do what this administration wants… What this administration appears to want, is to have everyone who is affluent do well on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  And put everyone who doesn’t, in cheap-ass charters.

And this narrow agenda is bad for Delaware’s education overall.  Because charters do take lots of money from public schools and put it directly in the wealthy’s private pockets.  Charters hurt the 4 students remaining in public schools more than they help the one who jumps to charter.

Charters do not teach as well as do public schools… We know this in Delaware because under the past DCAS public schools out-taught charters across the board.  The DCAS tested all children at the beginning of the year, and then in the middle, and if they weren’t passing at that time, they retook it at year’s end. From studying those results one can quickly see that public schools actually taught more (had more improvement) than did charters…. But some charters scores were higher than everyone else’s, simply because they hand-picked the top affluent students from the four districts around them.

The current test, Smarter Balanced Assessment, only illustrates the end score… No one even cares if a teacher took on a class that couldn’t read and got them all up to the third grade level…. She will always be a failure because her school had only 16% whose knowledge was two grades in advance of their age: (the newest definition of “proficient“.  If one is in 3rd Grade, their child is now tested at the 5th grade level and if passing, deemed as “proficient”.

The fix is in.  That jumps readily from reading the posted links above.  Here are clues.

  • The State Board will ignore all recommendations made by the task force and instead do what the Governor insists.
  • Out of all 62 Delawares representative elected officials, 52 sided to allow opt-out to be punitive-free. Yet it is held up by a veto until the Board quickly passes new penalties for opting out…
  • The State Board is ignoring all evidence of poverty’s influence on student learning.  It is assuming that teachers in one year can adjust for 8 years of educational neglect.  It will fire those teachers who can’t in someway make those scores magically better.
  • Earl Jacques said all fvckin’ parents are stupid ho’s because hes so smart and they dare disagree with him…
  • No one likes the system but are being told they have to follow it because of the……… “Feds”…….  This is balony btw, Most other states will not go the extremes this governor is pushing this state to go, and none of those states will have negative reactions from the feds for not being as reactionary as is Delaware.  This new agenda here is being driven solely by corporate investors, and those governors who are minions of that select group, are the only ones pushing it as hard as we… which means it is us and New York, home of Wall Street.

So even though quite possibly only 1% of Delawareans support using the Smarter Balanced Assessments to rate all of Delaware’s schools, as well as punish schools who parents are smart like New Yorkers and protect their children by opting them out,  this policy is still going forward solely from is inertia and from being pushed by moles, hidden and visible, as well as stealthy emerging from secret meetings behind closed doors.

Can you say fix?

So what needs to be done to stop the train wreak from happening?

As anyone who has every watched old Westerns either on TV or the movies knows, to stop a runaway train, you have to shut down the engine.

And what is driving all this blooey is the Smarter Balanced Assessment…   If we shut down the Smarter Balanced Assessment, then like the train, education will be saved….

The easiest way to shut down the Smarter Balanced Assessment is for our legislature to do these things.

All DOE policy changes regarding testing of Delaware’s students must be voted on by the full General Assembly and pass both houses and be signed by the Governor.

The state of Delaware will not fund the Smarter Balanced Assessment after this upcoming school year.

The State of Delaware will create it’s own test.  First gather a task group consisting solely of teachers to come up with good tests per grade levels. then sell it to an overseer board made up of business, colleges, and educational interests (but no educational corporations), then redo the recommendations handed back down, then with the overseer’s approval, send it to the state DOE to vote up or down on using that test.

Every parent has it as their constitutional obligation to opt their child out of this test.  This test is purposefully testing your child on material they do not know in order to close down your child’s school.

We already have no confidence votes by teachers and by administrators and by district boards of education… What is needed now is the vote of no-confidence by every Delawarean parent….

Your opting out your child is a direct challenge to this administration which blindsided you by putting this program in place, and opting out does two things. It protects your child from this horrendous test;  it makes a statement that you, a parent, do not wish to participate in a competition, where the fix is already in…..

In WWII while a lot of people were involved in our efforts to fight back the Japanese and German advances, all sucking up a large portion of our collective national effort, a small hand of men and women close to President Franklin D. Roosevelt were tasked with the  problem of deciding where to take the world when the enemy was defeated and we won.

They are the ones who outlined the plans, wrote the circulated bills, became the think tanks of their time, to outline a plan that would tend to stop all world wars and promote peace and prosperity… They succeeded rather well.

This was exactly what was not done in Iraq.  Once we won, the administration in charge at that time suddenly found itself in control of  a captured country, and only then asked what will we do next.  Simply comparing the two end results should make the most ardent spur-of-the moment actor, see the true benefit of pre-planning.

So with the war on education now at least beginning to feel less and less intensity from each new attack on public schools, now while it is time long before reaching the end result, we should have a few bright people map out the future of American education so that after the “corporates” get thrown out, we are not left with a desolate and damaged vacuum with no existing plan to fill it…

Our future goal should be to effectively use new technology so we achieve solid results.

The first decision:  is what do we need children to know?  Common Core for all its good press and bad results touches only the tiniest fraction of learning.. micro slices of both ELA and Math.

Reading is separate from ELA. Because unlike ELA, reading is important.   Reading is the key to opening doors. In America every educated American needs to be able to read English.. Today we don’t need to learn big words or sentence structure.  We need to understand ideas and know how to express them.  There is no one “right” way to construct a sentence anymore but through trial and error students can find out what is effective.

Reading is how ideas from one person are passed to another; what good is Google if you can’t read?   Since little or none of our progeny have trouble understanding Google, we must have be doing something right.

Math is necessary. it organizes our mind, our lives and society at large.  But how much math do we instill?  Obviously the four sectors and fractions, integers, and use of formulas… Graphing would be helpful as well.

But todays math skills when used in the real world for everyday activities, usually revolve around money, something rather important and everyone should be aware enough to know whether or not they are ripped off or getting a bargain.

Writing is important as well.  One needs to communicate to those they cannot see. So how to express ones thoughts on a page is important to teach.

But missing from today’s Smarter Balanced Assessments intensely focused curriculum, is our teaching of Social Studies. This is our world in regards to people.   A very important part of our species’ makeup, how human interaction across the past created the world of today, needs to be known at least by every American citizen.  Unfortunately we have here in America, elements of society that are embarrassed by certain elements of their own history.  Religions don’t want the questionable aspects of their religion exposed.  Political parties don’t want the truth of their mistakes and duplicity to dim the bright eyes of their newest followers. And as a result, our convoluted social studies quickly lose children’s attention because all they are allowed to see of it, really makes no sense…

Also missing is any emphasis of hands-on science topics.  These represent teaching our children about all the rest of the world which is non-human. It too is a political minefield because everyone wants only their version of science to be taught, so their own other teachings do not get challenged by young inquiring minds.

Bottom line is that both politics and money have failed our students across the board.

The first item of business should be focused on keeping those influences away from our children.  Not teaching evolution is just as harmful as not teaching about Muslims.  In fact, one of the biggest problems today is that we do have fierce battles over teaching these two topics because no one knows anything about those two topics, especially those arguing on our televisions.  If they knew more about both, there would be agreements, not arguments;  Compromise would make perfect sense. But instead we get people who are told incorrectly how dangerous these two teachings are, and out of self preservation, create fierce arguments concocted out of nothing.

Second is to note that teaching is a very human endeavor. Where the Smarter Balanced Assessment jumped the rails is that it tried to go around this element.  In fact, do away with it.  But that is not how we are wired.  A teacher who knows their student is the best assessment process to determine whether their student knows the material, not an algorithm.

In fact, as new educational models get tested that remove teachers and replace them with online programs, it becomes clearly obvious that just as adults don’t do what they aren’t nagged about, neither do kids.  Often overlooked in the political efforts to fund free community colleges is the fact that only 20% of them graduate.  Sending more there for free would not suddenly benefit society.. The reason for that low rate of success is because a community college is not a community in itself.  A person exits their normal life, goes to class and reinserts themselves back into normalcy upon coming home.. But community colleges which actively foster a community with meet-and-greets, arts, plays, musical events, social interactions, all tend to have high graduation rates.  People are social animals.

Furthermore educational programs taught by computer, also have low completion rates. Far lower than classes having forced human interaction.  To combat this successfully, what some community schools have done is flipped the classes to where the instruction is now given online at home, and class now involves a real professor who is there to help and show students how to do their homework.  Proving that all-cyber schools are dreams because humans have not adapted to learning that way yet.  Humans need human interaction to learn.

So in our upcoming new world, it is pretty obvious what we need.  A stripped down curriculum upon which every person knows.. This is not a government curriculum. It’s what we have already, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. reading and writing, social studies and science

And we need teachers to teach. Make classes interesting so students have no choice but to become interested.   No one learns what what they don’t want to learn.

We should probably take this a step further in detail.  We need an 11:1 student teacher ratio in all schools below 50% poverty from k-5… and in 9th grade.

Each teacher is responsible to make sure their 11 students do the best they can.. Those with top students have the same agenda as those with special-ed students but you won’t get identical results on their tests. You could probably develop a test which could, but we know even that is waste of time.  We now know anything that takes time away from teaching is “false education reform” because all education comes from human to human contact and anything that interrupts that, sets education behind.

We also know that money is not the magic bullet.  We know that in dirt floor huts, with eighty year old primers, that education occurs in Africa that rivals that in Wilmington Charter School.  it is done because with an 11:1 teacher student ratio the will to want to learn is fanned, not extinguished.

That is not to say that we can teach without money.  We have more than 11 students in each village and we need to pay more than a couple of farm animals to keep a teacher on the payroll.  But the only thing worth its salt that teaches, is human beings trained to teach.. That needs to be the sole dispensary of all extra cash if we ever hope to achieve the  educational greatness those involved in the future will demand.

The reason we don’t have it; is because the large investors cannot make huge profits off of teachers simply doing their job.

So an 11:1 student teacher ratio needs to be engraved in stone.

Everything else flows from that one ideal..

  • We will need more money so we should tax the 1% to pay for that.
  • We can’t have charters taking funds and wasting it on piss-poor results, so we need to eliminate the current plan that funds charters by leeching money out of their public feeder schools; period.
  • We can’t have a shortage of teachers and still do this so we have to immediately stop holding teachers accountable to test scores which are really just poverty indicators, not learning gauges.

And we need to realize every child is different. So the prime movers of education need to dismiss the idea of having everyone learn one set of faked cardboard standards  making them all carbon copies of the same, and instead focus on as many possible avenues which we can steer children down as it becomes apparent they possibly could have talents in those areas…  Cutting art classes to boost English learning just gives the Chinese all future jobs requiring artistic talent; which is a lot.  Cutting music classes to boost Math learning just gives the Europeans all future jobs requiring some musical knowledge; which is a lot.

Bottom line is that corporate power took advantage of the Republican Depression to attack public education… Just like the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Rim.  As people woke up they fought back and now we are reaching equilibrium. We need to make sure as we retake lost ground that we put in place this 11:1 student teacher ratio and wire our entire system to fund its continuity.

Just looking at yesterday’s news is enough probable cause….  

Perhaps it hasn’t been made clear with all the scandals breaking minute by minute from inside the charter school’s network… One would rightly get the impression that our entire educational system if not government has run amok…

To be clear; that is not so.  It is only 4 people in gatekeeper positions who either let legislation go forward or not, which are creating this gigantic mess.  just 4 people….

Governor Jack Markell  — vetoed HB 50 , the most popular legislation overwhelmingly passed by a bipartisan legislative vote to allow opt-out.

Secretary Murphy — now leaving and whose villainous leadership vacuum here will now be filled by Gov. Markell hand picked appointee Penny Schwinn.

8th Senatorial District Senator Dave Sokola:  who bottled up HB 186  (a bill mandating public audits on Charter Schools) from going onto the Senate Floor for a vote. Also Sponsored SB 51.

27th Representative Earl Jacques   Was unceremoniously put in John Kowalko’s seat as chair of the House Education Committee and has since held up all responsible financial legislation aimed at holding charter accountable to taxpayers funding… Also sponsored HB 165 which now allows the state to subsidize private owners of charter schools with less accountability than have public schools.

Most of our legislature and public officials are deeply concerned about the horrid policies now crushing schools, students, teachers, and parents.  Yet based on our system which allows individuals to decide what pieces of legislation they shall be allowed to vote,…. nothing happens.

4 people… Remember that the next time you go off on generalities… it is not a problem where everything is fvcked up… It is a problem where 4 certain people are making everything fvcked up…

The DPCA  Board President takes money ($11,000) from the school and puts it in her own personal account… The executive secretary does the same. When audited.. she says… “Oh…ummmm…  I made a loan way back when and I’m just paying myself back”… “Well, can you show us proof of that loan?”  “No, you’ll just have to take my word on that… and btw, why are you investigating me… We’re charters.. You’re not allowed to look at our money”…

See documentation in Auditors Report.

Kuumba, the Charter School once praised up and down by now Governor Markell for its high marks on test scores, doubled paid a few select employees… or worse, cut the checks and put them into their own bank account. Bottom line, there are double checks of people padding the payroll. And again… OF COURSE it was the head of the school who was doing it…  What do you expect… IT’S A CHARTER,. FOR HEAVENS SAKES… and the  former secretary of education wasn’t going to do anything about it because he came from Rodel for heaven’s sakes.. he supports charters!

See documentation in Auditor’s Report.

So someone tell me (since we all now know this is going on)… why do we still have charters?  Why do we still have Rodel involved with formulation Department of Education policy.  Again, why do we still have charters?  Why do we still have this ridiculous idea that business can educate little kids better than a very good school system?  Again, why do we have charters?  Why is Kendall Massett still running the Delaware Charter Association?  Again, why do we have charters?  Why is the News Journal even printing Rodel script?  Again, why do we still have Charters…..

Lets rephrase that….

When was the last public school you heard of that double paid their top two guys and a custodian?  The only negative I ever here from public schools is that their poverty children are not yet proficient… When was the last public school officer you heard of who took money out of the school safe and just put in their account, telling no one until an audit brings it up?   The only negative I ever hear from public schools is that their poverty children are not yet proficient…..

Academia Antonia Alonso

Academy of Dover

Campus Community School

Charter School of Wilmington

Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security: Charlie Copeland’s School

Delaware College Prep:

Delaware Design Lab High School:

Delaware Met:

Delaware Military Academy:

Delaware STEM Academy:

Early College High School:

East Side Charter School:

Family Foundations Academy:

First State Military Academy:

Freire Charter School of Wilmington:

Gateway Lab School:

Great Oaks Charter School:

Kuumba Academy:

Las Americas ASPIRAS:

Mapleton Charter School at Whitehall (may change to Discovery Charter School):

MOT Charter School:

Moyer (now closed):

Newark Charter School:

Odyssey Charter School:

Positive Outcomes

Prestige Academy:

Providence Creek Academy:

Reach Academy For Girls (now closed):

Sussex Academy:

Thomas Edison Charter School:

Red for financial mismanagement

Green for personal scandals

Purple for Certification Controversy 

Orange for legal non-compliance

Blue for Coming under Formal Review

Black for Bless Their Hearts.

Compared to this catastrophic portrayal, our public schools are only guilty of one thing: a made up scandal  by educational corporate scions of not bringing up poverty students further up to proficiency….

On the other hand, when seen altogether unhidden, Delaware’s Charters DO NOT present a very pretty picture… And there is a very good reason it is so ugly. That reason is called the Delaware Charter Schools Network.

Back when the 2015 Legislature was desperately trying to pass HB 186, which opens all schools including Charter Schools to accountability and oversight… it was killed primarily by lobbying done by the Delaware Charter Schools Networks Association… They are the ones who insisted that WE DID NOT WANT PUBLIC AUDITORS TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON INSIDE ALL THESE CHARTERS….

Now we know wny…. And because we do, one must ask… Why when one tries so hard to cover up all thievery and financial mismanagement, what is the only one reason why that person would want to be complicit in all these crimes…….

But the real reason for this post is to brag on a fellow blogger’s compilation of all the dirt each charter has been muddied, in just this past single year alone!   Without which, this demonstration could not have been accomplished…

So back to the big question:  why are we still allowing Charter Schools?  This abysmal record is 20 years after they were created. The elimination steps required are obvious.  A) This upcoming legislature should pass legislation to have existing Charters absorbed by the public school system in which they are located by the beginning of the 2019 school year… and…. B) starting with the next budget, the 2016-2017 school year will fund Charters only by line items in the state budget so that local property tax collected, goes only to that areas’ public school district….

In perusing some supplementary data for the article below I stumbled over the makeup of charters in the most comprehensive Charter Study undertaken in America. It’s done by CREDO, an educational data cruncher headquartered out of Stanford University.

But the data itself was amazing as well. It shows the racial makeup of charter schools used by this study, ranked by states…

I should note that not all states are discriminatory. The ones you would expect to be most equal, are… Pennsylvania with 40.3% chartered whites and 46.8% chartered blacks, along with Rhode Island with 23.9% Chartered Whites and 20.1% Chartered Blacks, represent well the high tolerance levels of each of their state’s founding fathers….

What was more interesting were the two trends one quickly grasps as one runs down through this list….

Sometimes charters are used to cull whites out of black public schools…. and sometimes charters are used to keep blacks out of white public schools. The net result is that by averages alone across the entire spectrum, discrimination does not show its ugly face…

27-State Total
37% Whites
27% Blacks
30% Hispanics

But up close and personal, one sees single state results like these…….

1.5% Whites
97.1% Blacks
1.4% Hispanics

District of Columbia
1.9% Whites
93.5% Blacks
4.5% Hispanics

4.3% Whites
89.2% Blacks
6.2% Hispanics

13.5% Whites
84.0% Blacks
1.5% Hispanics

New York
20.4% Whites
70.1% Blacks
8.9% Hispanics

27.4% Whites
63.5% Blacks
5.6% Hispanics

4.4% Whites
63.4% Blacks
30.7% Hispanics


Then the mirror opposites…..

85.4% Whites
3.1% Blacks
6.8% Hispanics

North Carolina
69.4% Whites
26.3% Blacks
3.3% Hispanics

64.9% Whites
22.4% Blacks
3.8% Hispanics

61.8% Whites
6.1% Blacks
28.1% Hispanics

59.5% Whites
5.6% Blacks
29.8% Hispanics

55.2% Whites
15.0% Blacks
21.5% Hispanics

Where whites are being culled from the public school system…

Interesting trends were in states supposedly known for their tolerance of many cultures, their charter movements appear by the above results, to cater to the whites wising to flee multiculturalism in public schools… and in states well known for the prejudicial attitudes towards minorities, charters are used to keep blacks away: Shoo, shoo, go to THAT school. Separate but equal.

(Of course some states in this study have only 2% of their population as black, so low numbers are respective of their populations.)

But reflecting the growing influence of immigrants particularly those from American nations more southern than our own. here are some noteworthy surprises.\

40.1% Whites
20.4% Blacks
36.4% Hispanics

38.4% Whites
46.1% Blacks
10.0% Hispanics

Regardless of the quirks in data, one of the biggest tools required to foster the breakdown of racial prejudices between all segments of society is the intermingling of its children before they develop those prejudices held by their parents.

Obviously charters are taking us backwards from that ideal..

This search was spawned by the letter (that Kevin put up) of damage control by the current US Secretary of Education to head off the firestorm that his pet project (the increase of numbers of charters) created as it burns its way up to his door

It is a grave admission that the original idea of charters…( ie. give money to people who know nothing about education, … and don’t look to see how they will spend it, and we’ll all have great schools…). is a complete failure.

For guess what’s happening?  Everybody is stealing the free money.

With hindsight we can look back and say what in the hell were they thinking?  How can anyone give money to every panhandler asking for it, and expect result better than the experts are already delivering?  But that is exactly what was done…

And anyone who today defends charters in this age of enlightenment, is an enemy of the state.  Well, at the very minimum, they are an enemy of every parent of school-aged children in that state.  For unless a charter does exemplary, unless it is totally amazing and its students excel like not others, it is a net drain on the entire system from which it steals students and money ….

If the charter school IS as good as I described above,  charters still go on to hurt 4 people for every 1 they help… Now if that charter turns out to be no better than the public school (which is almost always the case), then every 5 out of 5 students are hurt whenever a charter opens up in their district.

This is not new info.  Gubernatorial candidate Jack Markell uttered the exact same himself, in a WDEL sponsored debate against John Carney and Mike Protack back in 2008…

But this may be news to you because you have been habitually lied to by the charter school network, by Rodel, and where most of us saw this over the history of the last 25 years, the News Journal… 

(Screw it, enough preface…)

How much do you really know about charters?

Charter schools in Texas show less progress in both reading and mathematics compared to their district school peers. This shortfall in learning can be equated to a student losing about 14 days of learning in reading and 29 days of learning in math based on an 180‐day school year.

In Ohio, 44 percent of the charter schools in reading and 48 percent in math have low levels of absolute achievement and low yearly increments of academic growth for the school years studied. On average charter school students in Ohio have less learning in a year than their district school peers. This shortfall in learning can be equated to a student losing about 14 days of learning in reading and 43 days in math based on a hypothetical 180-day school year.

In California on average, charter students in California did gain an additional 14 days of learning in reading over their district school peers, but lag behind their district school peers by 14 days of learning in math. This is a 7 day increase over the last study done in 2009, primarily due to the failure of many poor and mediocre charters. Most of that gain came from Hispanic students, especially those in poverty who did better in charters than their public school peers, by a sizable amount.

In New Orleans where the inner city all-charter district skims off 80 percent of the public school students, the results on paper appear better. Still, even then, only 50 percent of New Orleans charter schools have significantly more positive learning gains than their district school peers in reading and 56 percent in math. Which means that despite having 85% of the top students, those public schools having 20% of the worst students, are keeping up 50-50 with New Orlean’s Charters.

Nationally 25 percent of charter schools have significantly larger learning gains inreading (than their next door public schools), while 29 percent do so in math.

Which means that 75% (ELA) and 71% (Math) of public schools are as good, or better than their charter counterparts…..

Nineteen percent of charter schools have results that are significantly worse thantheir district school peers in reading and 31 percent do so in math.

Which means Charters are imposing on 2 out of 10 American students in reading (by holding them back), and 3 out of every ten students in math….

Most startling was the reason for the Charter gap closing……

Charters in the original 16 states (2009 study) have made modest progress in raising student performance in both reading and mathematics, caused in part by the closure of 8 percent of the charters in those states in the intervening years since the 2009 report as well as declining performance in the comparison traditional public schools over the same period. The public school decline in this study was principally due to increased funding constraints imposed on public schools as the charters stole their students.

So as we’ve been saying here all along, this study verifies that the entire population is getting dumber because of our allowing charter schools to steal money away from public schools.

There are two ways to fix this… Ban charters and let public schools take them over, or…. fund charters strictly by line items in each state’s budget and leave the per-student funding formulas to continue to flow to the feeder public schools….

Either way. But do it now. Children grow. They wait for no one.

Any time I get to up up some of America’s best prose…. I will never hesitate to do so…  Featured on Exceptional Delaware

Charter schools, most of the time, are started by people who have read about this cool educational theory or idea that is working somewhere else (sometimes even an exclusive private school who aren’t beholden to state tests and CCSS and who can pick and choose their students and expel whoever they want…) and think it would be great to get an awful lot of grants and tax money to create a “public school” in the same model. These people are usually not educators who know better and who actually have experience with real live students. Even if these charter school founders aren’t corporate reformers trying to line their pockets with tax dollars, it takes more than good intentions and a good idea to run a school. I feel sorry, first, for the students, and second for those poor teachers who are trying to teach and earn a living under an unprepared and probably unqualified administration. Been there, done that…won’t ever do it again..

What part of again do our governor, Secretary of Education, lobbyists, and legislators not understand?

The only difference between Delaware and Florida, is that in Florida legislators are allowed to express the views of their constituents… In Delaware, if you don’t follow and do EXACTLY what your legislative “handler” tells you, you are punished…

So as a state we tend not to make waves.  But in Florida, there are no constraints …. One wins elections and continues moving forward in their political career by being seen as being the truer representative of those who live in their district….

99% of Delaware Parents want Opt out.  The best the lobbyists could muster in our legislature, was to get 7 votes out of 21 in the Senate, and just 3 votes out of 41 in our House to stop the Opt Out bill from going forward… It was then vetoed by our lame duck governor who created Common Core.  And with all the pull and promises our lobbying group has… those 10 votes out of 62 was the very best they could do…….

Now if we had a House speaker who felt he needed to be representative of his constituents instead of pandering for large corporate donations, we’d have this on the floor already in a special session to have this veto overturned….

Let’s see how Florida does it differently?

Florida’s system btw is designed by Jeb Bush. so this is being portrayed (if you can find the story) with a political twist to say Jeb Bush is incompetent to lead because of this mess of a program.  But I ask you to ignore that political angle and instead focus on the news that a unanimity  of superintendents in that state are saying our National Educational Policy is bonkers.

We all know that parents raise kids, not governments.  But the national educational policy of this nation is unconstitutionally enforcing its rogue policy on states’ educational departments, and they are beginning to crack.  In Delaware (through the email dump being released to us by Exceptional Delaware), we are now finding that our catcalls on the inadequacies of our own Secretary and Department of Education, were simply our reaction over their unexplained contortional bending to fulfill ridiculous mandates being enforced by the Feds

America’s real problem is the current national secretary of Education, Arne Duncun, and his Richard Daleyish Chicagoian thugged style tactics becoming the necessary policy all individual departments must follow.

“Florida district school superintendents have lost confidence in the current accountability system for the students of the State of Florida.” 

— leads the first paragraph of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (which represents the state’s 67 district leaders), statement….

Now we know this has happened in three Delaware districts as well.  Christina, Colonial, and Capital, from previous positions have voiced contrary stances taken by  their locally elected boards of education… We also know that many in Red Clay feel the same but are kept from expressing it in a board vote by the head of their board.  (We further know that Brandywine’s board is now just “goody, goody, two shoes” and doesn’t get involved in anything the upper crust profits in)….

On top of all this we also know that all of 19 Delaware’s  Districts’ Superintendents signed a note expressing no confidence in the implementation of Common Core and its Accountability, which inside sources now say went right into the Secretary’s trash can unopened.

“In this high stakes environment, students, teachers, and schools should not be impacted by a rushed and flawed administration of new, untried assessments. While direct negative consequences were avoided for students, the results of a flawed assessment will impact teacher evaluations (VAM) and be used to judge the quality of schools.” said all of Florida’s superintendents.

Anywhere else, this would be considered  a smack down of Penny Marshall.  But here in Delaware, it is simply swept under the rug and only those involved in educational issues rise to complain…  For every child’s sake, that has got to change…

We are in the middle of a war right now and our public schools are under attack by very rich interests…  Public school privatization or…. teaching your kids for a profit, is only what this is about… And by now we should all know, corporations don’t care for people… Never have, never will   They care only about money…

Standardized tests are bad indicators of how things are going.  They may serve to illuminate large generic problems, such as pointing out for all that poverty is the sole only factor in determining high and low test scores whereas teachers only at best have the tiniest marginal impact.

What teachers have always done best is teach.  Standardized tests don’t filter out ALL OTHER CAUSES to quantitate that. If pushing for evaluation of teachers based solely on the poverty of their students’ parents is flat out stupid, then it must follow by logic that Penny Marshall is flat out stupid. Rodel is flat out stupid; Earl Jacques (no argument here)? Flat out stupid; Dave Sokola? Flat out stupid; Jack Markell?  Flat out stupid.

Because doing just that,  is… You cannot determine a teacher’s performance by how rich the parents of her students are…  Even attempting to do so, means bad teachers get good marks of excellence for teaching rich kids, and good teachers get failing marks of excellence because of poverty.

“It’s the poverty stupid”, Anyone who treats educational problems any other way, needs to be called out for what they are… STUPID.

That is exactly what every single solitary superintendent of Florida’s sixty seven districts  just did…. And that needs to be echoed here in Delaware, led by parents at every….. single…… local….. district….. board….. of ……education……..

“Hi, I’m ________________________ and I have _________ number of kids in _________________  school and I am opting out my children because I think ranking his school based on the poverty of its parents is just plain stupid….. I don’t want him to have any part in this stupid, stupid, stupid charade…… Period”


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