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Thanks to Kevin’s sleuthing this morning we now can predict within a degree of accuracy the opt out rates across the state of Delaware…. Simply compare the two charts provided by the DOE.

Smarter Balanced Test FakersStudent Enrollment 2015

(Forgive the format: I’m just figuring out percents as I go…) :(

Grade 3: 10,529 enrolled…. maximum taking single test 10,253 so 97.37% testing rate…
Grade 4: 10,278 enrolled … Maximum taking single test 9,984 so 97.13%.
Grade 5: 10,304 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 10,021 so 97.25%.
Grade 6: 10,416 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 10,095 so 96.91%.
Grade 7: 10,185 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 9,794 so 96.16%
Grade 8: 10,072 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 9,574 so 95.06%
Grade 11: 8941 enrolled…. Maximum taking single test 7,668 so 85.75%

Notice how the participation rates differ as parents become wiser as their kids grow older?

So just for giggles what were the percentages on those tests with the minimum takers? The theory being that the first test was a “surprise” for parents and would spurn more and additional parents to instruct their child to refuse to take the test and opt to sit in study hall through all subsequent tests….

Grade 3: 10,529 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 10,166 so 96.55% testing rate…
Grade 4: 10,278 enrolled … minimum taking single test 9,890 so 96.22%.
Grade 5: 10,304 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,923 so 96.30%.
Grade 6: 10,416 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,959 so 95.61%.
Grade 7: 10,185 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,698 so 95.21%
Grade 8: 10,072 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 9,472 so 94.04%
Grade 11: 8941 enrolled…. minimum taking single test 7,446 so 83.27%

Evidence makes it appears Delaware’s educational system has contrary to Markell’s, Murphy’s, Sokola’s, Jacques’ assertions, always been working rather well since as one grows older in our educational system, one becomes less and less likely to always do what one is told by improper authorities… There may be hope for America yet….

DCAS Math 2014DCAS ELA 2014

Those students getting the equivalent of an A+ are in blue… Those getting A’s and B’s are in Green. And those getting C’s are in yellow… The red stands for those who got D’s and F’s… This comes from last spring’s (2014) DCAS testing….

When the Smarter Balanced scores eventually come out… forget the semantics of “proficiency” (A, A-, B+, B, B-)… Instead, look at those who actually failed or are below basic….  The rates are amazingly low…

Which means that our schools are doing a really good job… But… I would bet that because this was intentionally hidden from you and because the News Journal, and the blogs, and the politicians all focused on the word “proficiency”… you were really unaware of just how good our teachers are doing today in Delaware’s schools…


There are more A+ students than there are F’s?   That is one huge distortion of the standard Bell Curve and can only happen by a lot of hard work by very dedicated individuals…

But, if you and every one else knew that public schools in Delaware were doing such a phenomenal job, you probably would object to $37 million being funneled to “Friends of Markell”  Ie (AIR which makes the Smarter Balanced Assessment)… If everyone was aware of how great public schools were performing, they probably would object to a new charter going up in their district which would TAKE AWAY MONEY FROM THEIR GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOL.   If everyone knew how good Delaware’s children were doing right now, they would abandon charters and return to our public schools…

Which is why we are getting scores that will make schools look worse than what we’ve been told… This August, when the News Journal publishes the Smarter Balanced Results for 2015, and decries that everyone is not proficient (not in blue), the hope is that those who can benefit financially at your expense from a failing public school system, will finally get the chance…

It boils down to semantics.  If someone tells you that Jack is not proficient… it pops in your mind that he must then be a failure… That is just our immediate impression.. Of course, all we have to do is ask… “what is your definition of proficient”  to discern that what they were claiming as the level of proficiency sets a new record for mankind’s highest ascent. If we ask (and we should all scream it in August when the Smarter Balanced Results come out)…. “WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF ‘PROFICIENT'”  (and how does that translate to a letter grade) then we would under the Freedom of Information Act, eventually find out that they are decrying we must change EVERYTHING in education because only 33% of our children are A+ students.

Which is pretty damn good…

So OK. In this semantic inflation, how many are really failures?   From the red in the DOE’s charts above, it appears to be in the low 10%’s … which is also realistically pretty good.  Especially when many of those don’t speak English.. Or get meals at home… Or have parents read to them.   Or have parts of their brains missing and inoperable through no cause of their own…

When you see the  Delaware DOE reporting that they taught 35.8% of all students in 2014-2015 who were below the Federal poverty level (much lower than those previously eligible for free lunch (a higher threshold)).. yhe fact that only 10% of those failed, means we were able to teach and pass those 25.8% of those most vulnerable citizens…

Teachers pat yourselves on the back.. No other civilization on this planet can do what you just did.. Teach and pass 25% of the population who are below poverty. (China sends them straight to factory assembly lines) As a collective force, you are truly amazing….

But…. educational reformers can’t have any of that… How can they fire long-term teachers and replace them with computers or cheap substitutes, if our well-trained teachers are doing a really great bang-up job?

They can’t… and so they have to lie…

Remember: when the scores come out… to grab those hawking the demise of public education, and hold their feet in the fire; don’t let them squirm out. Demand they give you the letter grade of what “being proficient” really stands for:

An A+

In Chess, the castle is sometimes called the rook.  Therefore the Rooks would be the ones protecting the public from the onslaught of evil, as would a castle in the days of Game of Thrones.

The Crooks are those who believe the Charter School Network is above the law, does not have to report to anyone, and can dip its hand into the money pot anytime they want… Those who’ve studied the General Assembly House, will nod their heads over how accurate this one bill’s vote tally splits the House into two sections… those with morals … and those without…..

Vote Type:SM Yes: 23 No: 17 Not Voting: 0 Absent: 1

Crooks…. versus…. Rooks…..

Barbieri Y J. Johnson Y Peterman A
Baumbach Y Q. Johnson Y Potter Y
Bennett Y Keeley Y Ramone N
Bolden Y Kenton N B. Short Y
Brady Y Kowalko Y D. Short N
Briggs King N Longhurst Y M. Smith Y
Carson Y Lynn Y Smyk N
Collins N Matthews Y Spiegelman N
Dukes N Miro N Viola Y
Gray N Mitchell Y K. Williams Y
Heffernan Y Mulrooney Y Wilson N
Hensley N Osienski Y Yearick N
Hudson N Outten N Schwartzkopf N
Jaques N Paradee Y
  • Higher taxes on the top 1%.
  • Fund Charters by line items in state budgets and leave local money to stay in the feeder pattern.
  • Do away with the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
  • Vote Delaware out of Common Core; create commission to develop new standards… Use only teachers to create those, but have their work overseen by a broad spectrum committee.
  • Mandate an 11:1 student/ teacher ratio in all schools over 50% poverty in grades k-5, and again in grade 9.
  • Require every adult to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

If Markell vetoes the HB 50, then what…

  • Everyone yells and gnashes their teeth..
  • There may be a special session to override it, but if not, then what….
  • The Standard Balanced Assessment goes forward another year.
  • Last years scores add gasoline to the embers still glowing with indignation and defeat.
  • The Opt Out movement, now much stronger than ever, again fires up the presses and urges parents to opt out. Bolstered by the knowledge that 90% of people support opting out, supported by some big organizations in education, this time they start early and pull their kids. Against which the Governor and Mark Murphy have no new ammo…  Opt out totals will triple over this past year; maybe go even higher…

All Summer, all fall, all winter we will have the constant battering of Common Core. of the Smarter Balanced, of Mark Murphy. of charter schools.  More charter corruption stains the daily papers.  More ineptitude as charter scores come out lower than public.  Everywhere all begin muttering how Markell has been the worst governor they’ve ever seen in office…

The General Assembly runs the other way from him starting the second week of January…. and we really will have no leadership at the helm of our state as every legislature scrambles to save himself, until the next session begins under new leadership in 2017.

Not a pretty picture….

But… if he signs the bill …. all of that goes away… There will be two minutes of celebration and we move onward… By September we will have forgotten Common Core.  We will have forgotten the smarter balanced. we will have forgotten who got in the way, and who helped immeasurably…   Instead there will be new songs on our radios.. New shows on cable, and new shenanigans surrounding the race for president that will suck all energy out from every other minor detail….

Sometimes it is best to go with the flow, especially when you do not have a game plan to counter it…

opt out

Rainbow Coalition Watches As Markell Signs

Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, the question is being brought up… what if people don’t want to marry the same sex… What if they want to marry a heterosexual partner instead of a homosexual one?   How will this law handle that, now that gay marriage is indeed the law of the land?….

And the simple solution…. would be to make it legal for heterosexual couples to opt out of the mandatory gay marriage ruling.
It appears there is no law against opting-out of marrying a gay if you don’t want to… However some gay proponents here in Delaware, insist that allowing for the opting-out from gay marriage, would weaken the gay-law as it stands. However, there is a minority of people who don’t want sexual relations with the same sex.  Yet these politicians insist that since 95% of marriages must be gay in order to receive funding from the Feds,  it is important that no opting-out is allowed….. Those who prefer lovers of the opposite sex, are hoping the opt-out movement is strong enough to weaken the entire law so they too, will be allowed to marry who they wish…

What it comes down to, is who should have control over who you should marry…. Proponents like Markell, Murphy, Sokola and Jacques all think the government should control marriage and tell you specifically who to marry…  Those opting-out are trying to promote the idea that individuals should be the ones to decide who to marry…. not the government…..

The Delaware House and Senate hearings were contentious.  Committee Chair Earl Jacques pooh-pooh’d comments from spectators that some people didn’t do well with gay sex, and they would have trouble keeping up to the norm… Earl Jacques contentiously responded…  “I don’t see what everyone is making a big deal over this…. It’s just a little act…”

The Senate Committee chairman, Dave Sokola, brought up that the only reason gay marriage man-date was needed as the law of the land, is because past marriages between man and women weren’t working out…  “If heterosexual marriages are so good, why do we have so many divorces” he challenged.  “We’ve had years of heterosexualness.  What has it got us?

Earlier this year, Governor Markell and DOE Secretary Mark Murphy tried to implement gay-relationships-only at six schools they listed as priority….  “These are our worst schools of heterosexual behavior” said Markell.  “By December 31st we need signed MOU’s stating how all these children will be indoctrinated into gay culture,   If the districts fail, there are three options… Close the school permanently.  Or turn it over to a charter. Or agree to follow what the Governor and Mark Murphy decree…. especially the hiring of a gay dominatrix for $160,000 a year…”

“What we need…” said Markell.  “is leadership.”  “Yeah, what he said…” echoed Murphy. “Leadership”…

They were effectively beaten back, Mou’s were watered down, then signed, and the status quo was for most intents and purposes, allowed to continue…  But it did serve to bolster public opinion against the government being the first -decider on what was best for your child… Citizens organized and began buttonholing legislators who listened to them, and no longer listened to the governor…

But this controversy did serve to solidify the desire for a legal certification that absolved all those parents who chose to opt their children out of gay sex… Rep. John Kowalko introduced a bill, what famously became HB 50, that simply allowed parents to pull their children out of gay assessments free of any punitive retaliatory push-back by pro gay “headmasters” in any school.

The pro-gay government immediately pounced on that bill…  In speech after speech, talking point after talking point, the governor and Mark Murphy brought up that Delaware needed to turn gay to catch up to the rest of the world…

“In a recent survey, Shanghai was the top gayborhood in the global economy. Followed by Singapore, South Korea, Japan …. All of which practice gay rigor.  Pretty soon, all future good jobs will go to gays who were rigor’d as students.. If Delaware does not have enough gays, our children will get passed over… ”  Murphy added on… “Yeah, what he said…..”

So the News Journal repeated the lie over and over… “We need gays for jobs”… it headlined.   Heads colluded and miles away, one Dave Coleman came up with a concept called Common Gay-lore, which would make sure every child was gay-college and gay-career ready…  “We should know by 2nd grade, if a child is gay enough for college” boasted the head of Education in the United States:  Arne Duncun…

As soon as the standards for Common Gay-lore were solidified, a gay assessment was needed to determine the gay levels of each child…  Two Consortiums were developed, and Delaware chose to go with the Smarter Gay Assessment….

Children would be taught how to be gay, and the test would be given and if the gay scores were low, that teacher would be replaced….   Senator Sokola whipped out SB 51, which changed our educational system over to the Gay standards, and the former Scott of Dover, whipped out his HB334, waving it in both houses of the General Assembly,  which made the Smarter Gay Assessment the law of the land…..

HB334 suffered defeat in the Senate… not getting enough votes…  But then in secret deals, formerly non gay Greg Lavelle in a re-vote, switched his vote and came out waving a rainbow flag for the Gay Assessment…. Boy! Was his wife surprised!  Because of Gay Lavelle’s switched vote, the Smarter Gay Assessment became the law of the land….

Obviously, this upset a lot of heterosexual parents…

Why should their non-gay children have to take a test on something they never learned at home… They would be obviously inferior to those who from day one, were raised under gay parents instead of heterosexual ones…   Obviously the test was slanted towards gay privilege, and would segregate the gays and non-gays of the future… The Gays getting good jobs, the heteros, getting the garbage runs….

So the opt out of gay marriage campaign began… As more and more people heard the stories, and as data from the gay purveyors was deemed more and more faulty, all publications switched sides and began calling also for the right of parents to opt out of gay teachings….

The Afro-American leadership of downtown Wilmington began to defect in the opposite direction, from being “for parents”, over to being “for gay government”… Apparently they got sold on the idea that if Shanghai was all gay, inner city blacks must need to be gay as well in order to compete with Shanghai for good jobs…. Ironically, anyone who has ever been in downtown China, knows that most of China is not gay; heterosex is fine and prospering… But what was not explained, was that only gay schools in China were allowed to take the international test, so of course, they would score the highest on the gaydar since there were no heteros to pull down the scores.  Fortunately, due to parent anger,  a majority of elected officials in both houses thought that parents should at least have the right to opt out their child from being gay’zed …..

However those who were pro-gay, put the process in doubt… Adding amendments and sending it back to the other pro-gay chairman who would always threaten top kill the bill whenever a seat on his committee was empty.

Bottom line… The bill… allowing the opting out of gay curriculum is now on Governor Markell’s desk… There is a pen nearby… The Governor, pro Gay, has threatened to veto the bill allowing opting out for the Smarter Gay Assessment…To veto it would be political suicide.  It would be seen as bowing to special interests over those wishes of the American People…

Now that gay marriage IS now the law of the land, if you are not allowed to opt out, you have to at least practice it to pretend you are “just one of the guys.”.. since that is objectionable to those who prefer members of the opposite sex…. for freedom to occur they too, need the civil right of being able to opt our of gay marriage and gay shenanigans… Whatever it is they do behind closed doors…. (Heterosexuals apparently just watch TV together)….

“I will veto House Bill 50″ Governor Markell said to Rick Jensen.  So let us look at the options with no emotion and a clear eye.  And the choices are:………………

  • Veto the legislation after General Assembly is gone and they choose not to come back to override it…
  • Veto the legislation after the General Assembly is gone and they come back but are unable to override… (Chuck Todd will be one busy showman.)
  • Veto the legislation after the General Assembly is gone and they come back and overturn the veto and the bill becomes law.
  • Veto the legislation now and let the GA override it very soon; sometime this session.
  • Let the bill become law without signing it…
  • Sign the damn thing and make a Survivor comment:  the tribe has spoken and snuff out ones coconut lamp.

Now this will play out in the environment where 90% of Delawareans are knowledgeable about this bill, and in favor of it. Governor Markell is protected from their wrath  because he does not run again, ever in this state….

(If he were to run again perhaps to Congress, this veto would sink him before he started.)  HB 50 conversation would suck all the air out of the room and he could get no traction off any other topic. It would come back around again and again.)

When do vetoes ever work politically?  They work when the legislative body is not the same representation of the population at large.  The current Federal government is a case in point.  A Republican House held up solely by gerrymandering the district lines, and a Republican Senate held up by very few Democrats voting, do not reflect how the nation voted in 2012 or 2008.. the past presidential years.

Therefore one can assume that most people will be in favor of the veto and the only reason it is being exercised is to give Republicans the excuse they voted for it.  Repealing Obamacare is a case in point.  Vetoing the repeal keeps a good piece of legislation liked by the majority of citizens rather than succumbing to the will of Congress and removing it from the US Code.

The time not to exercise a veto, is when the public is very much in favor of the bill and special interests are not, and the Governor choses the wants of the special interests over those of the people….

And that is where HB 50 lies.  90% of Delawareans want the opt out bill as law.  Special interests do not.  They prefer it to be repealed… Therefore if the Governor vetoes the bill, he faces the wrath of 90% of the population… But will they quickly forget?  Remember,… they still yet have to receive the shock from the scores mailed to them this August, So no, this is do or die for the governor… All are watching to see what kind of a man he is. Does he govern for the people?  Or, is he there to serve only the special interests?…..

Since he will lose the great amount public opinion and gobs of future credibility if he continues propping up special interests, the field of his choices is narrowing.

He really only has these politically viable options.  The rest are suicidal.

  • Veto the bill while Legislator is in session and just shrug shoulder when it overrides the veto..  Then it will be quickly forgotten by the public and he can continue building his legacy on other things.
  • Or just sign the darned thing.

The latter choice is the better.   Anything else, keeps the pressure on; the pieces in the News Journal and blogs, all which make regular citizens question the wisdom of the Governor, still continue unabated…  Negative press is not what the Governor needs right now..

There is no way to win against popular public opinion, and all subsequent foot dragging to stretch out he effects of the poison will make the Governor look far worse than better.

I’m calling on the Attorney General to investigate the finances of one Earl Jacques….  Something is not right… A bill that will open Charter Schools to the same scrutiny that every other user of taxpayer dollars must succumb, is being held-up in Earl Jacques committee, even after the entire committee voted to put it on the floor and the Earl’s vote was the only dissenting vote against it….


We know charter schools are thieves… In the news right now, we have a charter school that used $150,000 of state money for various interests… How much of that went to Jacques for protection money?

We know charter schools are thieves… In the news right now, we have 7…. get that…. 7 charter schools that have improprieties in their finances… (polite substitute for STEALING)…. How much of that money went to Jacques for protection?

We know that charter schools are bad for kids… Yet Earl Jacques has continuously supported them…. How much of their stolen money from public schools, went to pay for government protection?

It takes a thief to defend a thief…. and Earl Jacques is defending Charter Schools… There is no question that charter schools steal… There is no question that Earl Jacques is defending Charter Schools… Therefore if you defend  thieves…. you must be a __________ yourself…. (fill in the blank)…..

That is why we need an immediate investigation into the personal finances of one Earl Jacques…   something is not right…  There is no way a committee chair will hold a bill that has been voted to be released by a margin of 8 to 1 in order to keep it from being voted by the full House…  UNLESS he was paid to do so….

There is not any other reason… The status quo hurts kids.  The status quo hurts taxpayers.  The status quo hurts Delaware’s credibility to be a good corporate overseer… When one thief can hold back legislation for a tiny bit of blood money… then no honest corporation will be safe in Delaware…

Our entire state’s credibility, hewn across countless generations but mostly after the Honorable Pete DuPont’s governorship… is now about to evaporate into thin air because of one country bumpkin…… Earl jacques… who won’t release a bill that calls for charters to have audits done…

Get that…. A silly bill…. to have audits done on charters is scaring Earl Jacques so much, he is violating constitutional precedent and years of tradition…. by holding back a bill that needs quick action if it is to pass before the end of session.  Why is Earl Jacques so scared of audits being done on charters???   What does he know?  What does he fear?

Which is why, we need the Attorney General to investigate the personal finances of one Rep. Earl Jacques…..

WE should start with a Grand Jury Investigation….   And we need, at minimum, 10,000 of you to petition the Attorney General to open a grand jury investigation into the personal finances of a thief…. Take one quick minute and send an email demanding an investigation into Earl Jacques’ finances:  Attorney.General@State.DE.US

After all..  Only a thief…. protects other thieves… and we all know…. Charter Schools are Delaware’s second biggest thieves….

I’m laughing at the title… Someone who sees it and knows nothing of our General Assembly, is going to say WTF.

But everyone who does know, knows exactly what those hieroglyphics mean.  Here is why what he did made sense….

Delaware put in the 11th grade Smarter Balanced Assessment test which is not required by the feds. (Why?  Obviously seeing the connection between our government and AIR (makers of the test), it was done as a personal favor so that company would get more money out of Delaware taxpayers!)  Feds only require testing in grades 3-10.   Now for a child who has passed 10 grades so far, or is in eleventh grade without having previously taken the Smarter Balanced Assessment (they were first used this year), and who has a great chance of being accepted by a top-notch higher education facility….  to get a failing grade on the SBA (because the test is bad; not the student) could most likely dash those dreams permanently…. Would Harvard refuse a top-notch student who failed the SBA ?  Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know this test is bogus.. We all know It does not tell us what a child knows.. We all know It does not tell us his abilities.. We all know it has only one purpose and that is to be used as an excuse to fire great, outstanding teachers you can’t otherwise get rid of… It is time to simply stop pretending this test is for students… It has nothing to do for students, except make them look worse than they are…..

So if you were close to getting into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Stanford, Rice, or Bucknell, taking the Smarter Balanced in your junior year could doom you to Delaware Tech…  Because that test is a crap shoot… It is a guessing game… There is no correlation between the answers or questions…  It does not measure what you know… It is a crap test… ( you have taken it, right?)

This amendment provides protection to those students… If they had illegally opted out then that could cast doubt over their intent… But if legally allowed to opt out, no academic institution would hold it against them, and their perfect record would remain intact…..

From both Senate and House floor conversations, it is obvious that most people don’t realize is how bad this test is… IT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE AND ARBITRARY TEST EVER TO BE GIVEN SINCE BLACKS HAD TO GUESS HOW MANY JELLY BEANS ARE IN A JAR IN ORDER TO VOTE…. no guess was ever corrrect… This is THAT kind of test because students are inconsequential;  this test is designed specifically to fire teachers and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!!!

So it makes great sense to allow Juniors to opt-out on their own…  Most parents would be sighing relief if their child did so.. Where Bonini gets the crazy idea that students will opt out without their parents being on the same side….. “NO SON, I DON’T WANT YOU TO GO TO HARVARD ON A FULL SCHOLARSHIP; i WANT YOU TO GET SEED MONEY AND DO 2 YEARS AT DELAWARE TECH…..” Is beyond normal people’s thought processes.

This test needs to be abolished… Since it wasn’t, and since Greg Lavelle has cast his lot with the devil and forgotten the Heavenly Father, we have to allow citizens to opt out…  But that is only fixing the symptoms… WE NEED A DIFFERENT TEST… PERIOD….  Until we get one, opting out is the only other option…..

Now as for those blaming Townsend for this bill’s failure… They must remember that  Solola’s amendment was first. Therefore the elements of procedure were such that it needed another vote in the House Committee and on the House floor… Therefore Townsend’s well meaning amendment, one which affects the future of all Delaware students looking for schools outside Delaware’s usual college-feeder pattern, …. would not affect the bill’s outcome…

Yet, miraculously, it did. and in a good way. All because of Speiglman’s amendment to strip SA 2  which came out of nowhere, originally failed … But, in God’s true fashion, that objection (to SA2) which next lead to the whole bill’s failure, was also the catalyst and very reason for that vote’s rescindment under House rule 41, and its being given new life …. to now go forward…. So in order to make opting-out legal, which would cover those eleventh graders anyway (just not as strongly worded), one would expect Townsend to withdraw support of that amendment and have the bills passed in the Senate with the same overwhelming majority they were this past week…..

So in all of this… it is wise to remember that this bill should be dead now, given the impetuous antics of Sokola and Jacques… despite its getting an original lopsided victory 36-3 in the House it’s first time.   It is wise to remember this bill has 90% of public approval;….when the scores come out in August, that will probably jump closer to 100%....

But it is not dead, much to the chagrin of Dave Sokola,  Earl Jacques, Governor Markell, Mark Murphy, Rodel, and those lobbyists funded by Wall Street.  All of who want teachers fired indiscriminately based on this arbitrary test which ruins children’s futures, which does no good for anyone except those who will use it to do the firing simply to flesh out their own personal vendettas.

Townsend is not the bad guy…. By now you know who the bad guys are….. I think if any of you should ever bump into them on the street, the appropriate response to these few would be the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” acknowledgement…. 

Now everyone… thank those…. Honestly thank those who voted to push this forward…

Now, stop celebrating. It’s not over;  rack up the heat…. This is why our forefathers decided we should not be part of Britain any longer… WE decide our destinies… Not someone else…..

Turn it up a notch and FLOOD every news outlet now with your reason why we need the Opt Out Bill signed…. The rope is around Markell’s neck… His children will have to live with the legacy of his decision for the rest of their lives… Though he steps down shortly, for every waking moment of Carla and the kids’ lives, they will have to either live with either the mass welling of glowing praise of their dad, or his eternal damnation as our Judus who sold every Delaware Child into slavery…..


Have to do your part….


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