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Standardized test scores are arbitrary…   If I make a test and you make a test and we both test the same children (or adults), my test which was hard will be scored lower and your test which was easier will be higher…  So comparing my test to your test and saying mine is better or yours is worse,…  is pointless… kids (or adults) do their best on both tests.

The only thing that really matters in standardized testing is whether your child gained or failed against the rankings of all other children… not the score. Here is why..

If your child is in a good school with a good teacher in a well funded district, and his ranking to the national average drops, then there is something there that needs looked into.

If your child is in a good school with a good teacher in a poorly funded district, and his rankings to the national average drop from year to year, there is something there that needs looked into…

The flip holds true…

If your child has everything going for him and excels compared to the national average, then things are good.

If your child has nothing going for him and excels compared to the national average, then things are good…

And this is all we can really glean from test scores… so rolling out the DCAS the first year back in 2010 gave us all big pats-on-our-backs because we jumped much higher than our expectations that year.. We then expected the same growth to happen each successive year, but …(with what we know now it is no surprise), scores flattened out…

That original jump in the DCAS did not show our children were learning… All it showed was at what level that new test would score our children who due to genetics and their environment, would learn as much as they could and no more.

The same thing holds true with the Smarter Balanced… It is lower, just because we decided to make a test that had lower scores.  But the overall trends still hold true, in fact mirror the DCAS,… just lower.  Whatever level at which children were learning, stayed the same…. We just said we’ll call it a 50 instead of a 70 on the Smarter Balanced to where we were with the DCAS….

So no one can make pronouncements… No one can say education is failing.  No one can say our teachers failed us. No one can say our education is in disarray.  

For the one consistent test across all time, shows our education had improved constantly since it started in 1984, …. up until it hit Common Core.

And the same goes to the SAT and ACT which were flat (slight decrease) this year…  “‘Oh, look at the test scores, our kids are not getting what they need from Common Core”…   (Lol, wish I could use that one, but I know better.)

The reason the SAT’s and ACT’s are flat is because more people who used to be considered too dumb to take the SAT, are now taking it through state enforcement…..

Here is why anyone who uses the ACT or SAT to justify education reform should be laughed out of the room… Ridiculed mightily…. 

Short version… you have ten people… your top 5 take the SAT….  Top scorers in Math, so let us say the scores are 800, 750, 700, 650, 600,   The average is 700… Extrapolated we’d say… our state is pegged at 700 on the SAT… woot, woot…

But we extend testing to all students….. can you guess what happens to the average?

800, 750, 700, 650, 600,  550, 500, 450, 400, 350….. Average  =  575   Extrapolated… we say…. “Look what Common Core has done!  It has dropped us from 700 down to 575!  It’s an outrage. It’s malicious. It’s, it’s, it’s…. communist!”

No. It is called math, and we teach in in school.  You probably had some courses when you were young…

That is why it is ridiculous to say education is faulty; we need drastic changes… look at the scores!

Now everyone who is over 30, had one person in their grade school or high school who you just knew early on, would never make it to college…

So why are we testing them 6 times before they drop out to see if they are going to college?   Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail…. What is the sense in doing so?  Then firing the teacher? Prioritizing the school? Closing down a district because no one was able to get that child to rise  mightily beyond the limits of his capacity…

Really. Does teaching geometry to someone who can’t do division make them smarter?  According to Jack Markell in response to a parent’s question at last years press conference… “yes”.. But one must ask how?  And when one does,… the reformers’ whole house of cards tumbles down upon itself…

It is easy for a politician to say.. “Our schools are failing our children… 20% proficient?  Ridiculous”…  And some have started already… But when you isolate those children into one district and have 80% who come into your school system with less than a 1500 word vocabulary, and no knowledge of colors, numbers, or names of shapes, then actual teaching becomes a whole different ballgame from the one corporate reformers have tried to script….

For if… you have 80% of your students entering like that… you start out at 20% proficient and will end 20% proficient because the tests like knowledge increase with difficulty year after year…   You don’t give a high school senior a first grade test…

And this was the beauty of the DCAS… Students who knew nothing were taught something… the next year they were taught something more… And if you were a truly good teacher, you taught them something over the course of your class and they learned it.. and the test showed that.

This is also the horror of the SBA… it tests two grades up… So every Wilmington child entering the school system with a 1500 word vocabulary, will by 3rd grade be tested at the 5th grade level..

Can you see the problem?

The Smarter Balanced aggravates all learning gaps by pushing the standard two grades higher than the childpreviously had to meet.   Those rich white children who enter with over a 10,000 word vocabulary do ok on these tests, but that 80% of one district, and 70% of another who enter with only a 1500 word vocabulary upon coming in,  not only have to grow the normal 3000 words expected every year, but have a deficit of 8500 they also have to make up that their counterparts do not….

Making that up is impossible.  and the gaps will continue to widen until someone like Trump says,,, “black people are weighing down our children’s education” and once again… separate but (un)equal becomes public policy… ,

And it will be the fault of those who were too deaf to listen to wisdom…

Bushweller, Henry, Lavelle, McDowell, Simpson, Sokola…

Like Trump is to immigrants… these are to black people… (and all other minorities other than Asian)..

What we need is to return to the DCAS or a similar test which proved most of our teachers were competent, which held our fake marker of proficiency in the 70’s, which improved our showing on the NAEP (the nation’s report card) across all 4 years this test was in use…

We need to defund the Smarter Balanced… then convene a working group of Delaware teachers to modify the Common Core standards, and develop a test ourselves to match those new teachable standards…  these then get approved by community leaders, with as much feedback as was allowed the Wind deal of 2007-2008, and then get the state board to vote on them.

Right now with these new scores, all we have is mush,  And with mush,… any sort of shapes can be seen in the swirls……

First to understand the headline, Go here…

Through minutes buried on the DOE website, Keven shows us their game plan for the future…  It is all about coming up with an arbitrary way of rating schools…

If they like your school’s principal… They will give it a good rating… (There, there, you did exactly as we said, Mr. Principal. Thanks for forwarding OUR agenda OVER those of parents… here is your good rating…..)

If they don’t like your school’s principal… They give your school a bad rating… (Sorry, Mr. Principal.. you did not fully support the bogus fake test we rolled out called the Smarter Balanced Assessment and therefore you get a fail……)

And one can’t complain back, because this rating system cherry picks ratings for each school … For example, Charters get let off the hook, their neighborhood public school gets pummeled even though all old data shows the charters failed as did Moyer, REACH, and Pencader, and neighboring public schools improved greatly (from a 45% to 72%).


What this is like,… is ‘New Coke’ being forced upon you (for those old enough to remember it)… One marketing person thinks that ‘New Coke’ is better and convinces everyone in the company to go forward with it, though employees are shaking their head as they take their orders from on high…

What happened was… no one liked it; no one bought it.. It just sat on the shelves… Coke rushed to get the old coke back on shelves calling it Coca-Cola Classic and in their absence literally everyone switched to Pepsi…  This became “the classic” example of epic marketing FAIL…

Now for us, one person thinks this Smarter Balanced Assessment is better, and has used their power to convince a majority in politics that we need to go forward.  The employees closest to the action are all shaking their heads saying “it is crazy”, but would lose their jobs if they didn’t comply and since they have no other way to make income, they do what they are told, just as would you or I…  And just like ‘New Coke’, this gets forced on the public.. Just like ‘New Coke’, the public obligingly takes their first curious sip……

Just like ‘New Coke’:   EWWWWWWWWW… they all say.

What is the equivalent of Pepsi (opposite of Coke) to Delaware’s public schools?   Yes, charters and private schools… And it is no secret that those in charge of formulating this policy were all former Charter Nazi’s at their former jobs.

So IS this just a misguided attempt to better a product, one that no one except its creators want to buy?… Or is it an attempt to fool the public into thinking their public schools are failing and that only charters can save and help their child get properly trained for adulthood?…

The sad thing is as more and more children go to charters, the public schools implode from lack of funding, and eventually serve only as a collective receptacle of all those unable to meet the high bar of charter entry, and yes,  it does indeed becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So is this deliberate swipe at demeaning public schools (not the first time tried by this administration) indeed a sinister plot to springboard huge corporate interests into the Delaware Market?… KIPP and Great Oaks are just two.

If so, why would Penny Marshal want to destroy public schools and go with charters?  

Answer as always, is money.

Here is how it works.  In the waning years of the Clinton presidency a tax credit was passed to allow free- enterprise-zones in our blighted inner cities.  Made sense to do so..   That offers a 39% tax credit…   yes.. 39%.

This allows a charter schools more than any other business, (charter schools incomes are set; other businesses are determinant on fluctuations.) to double their investment in 7 years...

Works like this…

You are Charlie Copeland  and you put up $5 million up for your charter schools…  the tax credits are designated by percentages for each year and they go like this for seven of them…. 5%, 5%, 5%, 6%, 6%, 6%, 6%……..  You are allowed to take that percentage off your original investment.   So add the $5 million times either 5% or 6%…. $250,000, $250,000, $250,000, $300,000, $300,000, $300,000, $300,000….. for a total of $1,950,000 which is often rounded up to $2 million. Which makes your total investment in those schools come down to a net of $3 million…  To double your investment (2 X 3) in 7 years, you would need to hit the $6 million mark by that time frame….

Doing math here….. $6,000,000 divided by 7 years gives your yearly target requirement, $857,000… or rounded up to $860,000.  To double your money you would need to hit that per annum…..

When a child moves from public school to a charter, roughly $3700 follows him… The best charters (profit wise) skim 33% off the top… therefore to meet this doubling guideline, they would need…[ (x)  X .33($3700) = $860,000 ]  so x = 704 students….  How can you get 704 students to go to the former Bank of America charter schools?  Simple… Close down city schools all around it.

Now don’t forget “the” rents.   The Longwood Trust got this for free but don’t think they won’t charge rent… Since a charter can do what it wants (it is in their charter) they can pay rent.. The National Charter School Network recommends that rent stay under 20% of all earnings. But that is unenforceable and there are Charter Schools in Rick Scott’s Florida paying 43% rent… but they are non profits being run by real estate companies who hold the properties they are on…. So a large part of the cost of that child’s education goes to the rent… (normally one fifth, but sometimes two fifths)…

I bring this up so you understand why this is happening…  I’ve been just as guilty as others of using speech tactics to amp up the audience and for the most part, almost everyone else has likewise chimed in and has said… WTF are they doing… all this is crazy!

No, it is not crazy.. It is pretty smart actually. It is a way to go around existing law and privatize public education which is perfectly legal.  We set these rules up for good reasons and they are being used to make people wealthy which was their intention… So these guys are not crazy in the least….

What is crazy, is that this is being sold as being good for children.. And it all ties together..  Common Core, Charter Schools, Race To The Top, Data Mining, Privatization of Education, Smarter Balanced Assessments.

Charter Schools would be dying out now based on their overall performance, but for the Smarter Balanced Assessment which as you see from Kevin’s revelation above, …. will be used to rate them higher and public schools lower.  The Smarter Balanced would not exist if not for the Common Core initiatives.  And no one would have paid Common Core any mind, if not for the free money attached to the Race To The Top initiatives.   Data mining fits in.  Your child will be refused entry if there is any previous problem and we track those now and no child is ever forgiven.

It all ties together and it works its way out whether you do anything or not…

For you see, we’ve really come down to a war for your child…  Is your child a commodity to be used at investor’s discretion, and thanks for your property tax dollars btw, but no, sorry,  you have no accountability over them……

Or is your child a human being, one you are charged with making the best choice for and for which you hold the responsibility over how he turns out?

Bottom line…. either way it is always going to be your responsibility… If charter schools fail… they blame it on you.  If test scores are low, they blame it on you. How many times have you read… “it’s these dumb parents’ fault?  Too many I suspect.

The question you need to face now, is… a),  whether you want to turn over your child to someone who cares nothing for them and is not accountable ( never forget the closings of 3 Delaware schools)….

Or b), do you want to be able to go to a school board and make your points directly. have them discussed and enacted, and then vote those people out who want to ruin your child’s future so their friend can double his investment in 7 years……

You see… this is war… for your child.  It is as if someone marched into Delaware and imposed martial law, It is as if an invading army used all your resources for their benefit.. As history will tell, you have only two options… The first is to bribe them… and that is always temporal… They raise the demands until eventually you can’t pay the ransom and by then, you are too broke to fight their invading armies….

Or you can fight them from the get-go..  War is a term which means you fight to the death because there is no other way to resolve the fact that you both want possession of something, and the winner is the one who has the fewest causalities and all who survive accept him as the winner.

We are in one now and most of Delaware is asleep. When they wake up and the invaders are here, that’s when they first realize what the night-watchmen on the parapets were yelling about in the dark…

Occasionally in life, you really have to call things as they are… make your choice and then take the consequences… Our forefathers did so when they called out the king of Great Britain; they won, but primarily because they won over the French…. Likewise our Southern section did so when they fired on Fort Sumter… but they wound up losing because of Lincoln’s overwhelming will to keep the union together, and greater numbers of men and supplies which the North had over its Southern counterparts. In both cases, war settled the issue in the US’s favor.

What we see here instead, is very similar to the conquest of the Old West by speculative money and investment.   We, The People, are the Indians… If we wait until we see their full cavalries arrayed against us… we’ve lost.  just look at Indian reservation children today to see what’s coming… But if we wipe them out first… as they struggle to get their toeholds, we end the onslaught. No longer for them, is the business deal worth pursuing.

But there is a difference between the Indians and us, though our plights are now similar. The Indians didn’t have a Constitution. The Indians didn’t have elected officials. The Indians didn’t have voting power…. and they couldn’t just stop the advancement, by opting out.

That is why,…. what Kevin shows us in their own words,  is deeply troubling.  A wake up call really.  In closed door sessions, they are trying  to take away those rights and turn us into Indians…..

What you need to ponder is:……. Are you just going to do nothing and let them?….


As we approach D Day here are some following truths to keep in mind as the spin doctors on both sides chew the cherries that they pick and start spitting seeds at you…

A)  The Smarter Balanced is a corporate made-up test which had no educational experts involved in its development. Those handpicked token experts who were invited to attend its inception, were rudely pushed aside, treated derogatorily, and have all written disclaimers saying this test is the most ridiculous thing ever invented.  It has no basis for testing your child.

B)   The test has no accountability.. Your child can get a 0 by a mistake made in scoring and there is no way you can ask for his test to see why his score is inexplainably low.   No accountability opens the door for misdeeds. This test has no way to determine if the reader missed a line and graded all subsequent line wrong accordingly.. One can never find out.

C)   This test is an applicability test.  Basically it goes like this. Remember those word problems in your schooling years that always gave you headaches?  What were they talking about?   Sure, you could do division, multiplication, proofs, and read sines, cosines and tangents, and you could figure areas and volumes of geometric objects… but those word problems just made no sense.…  Well the Smarter Balanced is all word problems like that…  Those pushing this test think that is good.  Those who actually have children, think that is bad.  So when they say this test and curriculum teaches children to think, this is what they are telling you… They think it is a good idea if your child is exposed to these word problems and can learn the language of these problems and how to weed out what is and is not important.  The problem from that is that if these problems are too difficult, and not fun, then children will give up on learning in school entirely.  Most of learning is peripheral.. We are exposed to much and our brain records it and stores it if it thinks its important…  The damage of the Smarter Balanced Assessment is that it weeds out all but the best students and gives the failures no will to continue, being the scapegoat of a really bad test of a really bad curriculum.

D)  This test starts in 3rd Grade.  College level skills of 20 years ago, are now being forced on 3rd Grade.  I was just learning how to add two digit numbers when I would have had to take my first Smarter Balanced Assessment.  I would never have had success if I’d been in this program, and I doubt, any of Delaware’s children will either…   Again, there is no supporter of this test who has children who will be tested.. Most are in their 20’s still boozing and beaching every weekend.  They have no idea.  Those who do have children, who are concerned about education, say forcing children into narrow chutes of learning is damaging to their overall development.

E)  If you haven’t you can take the tests yourselves…   You can experience the frustration of not knowing what the fvck a question is asking.  You can experience choosing the obvious correct answer and having it be marked wrong.  You can see how tired you get after the first question… And that is the third grade test… If you want a migraine take the junior high ones…   Anyone who takes this test is against it.  You simply cannot go through one test and say it is good for children…

F) When you get the test scores, remember THEY COME FROM THE TESTING COMPANY…. They will try to sell you on that testing company... No company will say the reason your scores are low is because we tried out a new concept which was as appealing as both New Coke and the Edsel combined… We really fvcked up and that is why your child’s scores are so low…   But that is close to the truth… You will KNOW it if and when you take their tests

G)  When you get your test scores  you need to know your child is not at fault… Your teacher is not at fault… Your school, district,  and bus drivers and cafeteria volunteers are not at fault.  the test is at fault.  The test is graded on a curve.  That means it changes every year… 2500 may be proficient this year. 2500 may be failure next year, 2500 may be exceptional the following year… That is how grading on a curve works..  Even if all children got between 91% and 100% of the answers correctly, the bottom 25% would be below standards. the lower middle 25% would be close to standards, the third 25% would be proficient, and the top 25% would be exceptional…  In the real world, all of them would get A’s… some with a minus, some with a plus, and some with just A…..  That is a huge fallacy…  Nothing is measured except in relationship with other students… A parent is deeper in the dark about their school with this test than they were before.  it is a black hole from which no real data or information ever escapes.

H) We don’t need this crap… Although learning the concepts behind world problems before entering college or career is fine, (I think we began in 11th grade to master that concept and look, our generation can now run the world.). making that one single thing the do-or-die of all education is rather pointless.   Most of us do not use our Physics or Chemistry skills today.  They are nice to have but unless we went onward, they did little good.  What we did learn, is what made us what we are. Therefore allowing only this one math concept to be taught closes the door on many others.. and rewards those whose brains are genetically wired this way, while punishing those whose talents lie elsewhere. And with English, focusing only on the text  without looking at any underlying factors, was an idea that was intellectually popular among critics in the 1950’s. We have since moved on, except now this is all we are testing all our children on.  A taste of it might be good but the huge problem with these tests, is that is the single one thing that is being deemed important… It’s not, really.

I)  They will try to placate you to accept these scores.  They need to. They cannot afford you to get angry and demand we go back to the old test, which better tested children across a wide range of capabilities and showed great results across the board…  Simply put.  They are a corporation..  They are like makers of toothpaste… You don’t have to accept their brand, you can switch to something else… and that is what the opt-out movement is all about… Getting rid of this one product being forced on our children with no evidence, no research, no trial, which causes so much harm for so little good….

A.  Establish Standards.

B.  Make tests difficult so children cannot meet those standards.

C.  Make meeting those standards required by law.

D.  Declassify all students who fail as disadvantaged…..

E.   Use those disadvantaged as industrial fodder.  (translated as peasants with which China stocks its Apple plants)


We are at stage 2 and Arne Duncun just threw the gauntlet down for stage 3…  This is the one that you have to win or local control over your child is gone.

You can fight back by being serious about opting out, and keeping your child at home….

These regulations are effective September 21, 2015…

The Secretary amends the regulations governing title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (ESEA) (the “Title I regulations”), to no longer authorize a State to define modified academic achievement standards and develop alternate assessments based on those modified academic achievement standards for eligible students with disabilities.

The easiest way to break this, a  massive revolution of “opt out”… This unconstitutional provision (10th Amendment specifically prohibits any federal involvement in education at all, and especially purported “mandates.) cannot be enforced if enough people opt out the test…  Ok yo black people. YOU  (and you know who you are.)..who were misled against “opt out” by this establishment…. what say you now?

The power struggle is no longer between the Republicans and the Democrats. Bipartisan means almost nothing. The fight is between voting families — We the People, whether Democratic, Republican or other — versus the clique of profiteering businessmen and politicians.”

This is not fun and games. This is real war… They are coming for you through your child……

The agenda is clear: D.C. wants to decide what your children learn and how they learn it, at younger and younger ages, and it wants to know every detail about your child’s views, attitudes, psychological profile, and beliefs so “interventions” can change them.…..

Making students accountable for test scores works well on a bumper sticker, and it allows many politicians to look good by saying that they will not tolerate failure. But it represents a hollow promise. Far from improving education, high-stakes testing marks a major retreat from fairness, from accuracy, from quality, and from equity.  Paul Wellstone.. former US Senator; college professor

Things have changed little since 1994.

Delaware has held up the Smarter Balanced Test Results.  Other states released their preliminary data already. Delaware will release theirs Wednesday September 2nd….  (a year from the Wednesday they press-conferenced the charter takeover of 6 schools that was postponed btw by public outcry).

Of course everyone wondered why. Speculation was rampant.

We now have the answer, released today.

At that link you will find these words….

“We also online resources that you and your families will find helpful…”

And they are:

Be A Learning Hero Skillbuilder

Great Kids!


Who are these guys?

Be A Learning Hero Skillbuilder is a project of New Venture Fund.   Be A Learning Hero Skillbuilder gives special thanks to Bloomberg Philanthropies, Leona Helmsley Charitable Trust, The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, and of course the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity, supports innovative and effective public interest projects.  it is a cover for the investment firm: Arabella Advisors.  Arabelia Advisor’s prime goal is to work with you and your other advisors to create strategies, identify opportunities, and structure investments to maximize the impact of your portfolio.

You click on the site and go to “helping your child” you are directed to a state directory. Click on Delaware, your child’s grade, the subject matter and you are directed to DelExcell… and this message…. “This page is designed specifically for Delaware parents and guardians who have received their child’s Smarter Balanced score report. Use your child’s performance in the categories on the math and English reports to find resources to support them at home”

A menu arrives and it directs you to the firm. LearnZillion

There you find some short videos showing basics of the subject matter.  And you get a sign in message which if you provide your data, will allow you access to the site.  LearnZillion, Inc. provides online video lessons for teachers, children, and parents. The company’s online video lessons highlight a Common Core standard starting with math in grades 3 to 9.  It is imporant to note, that Joanne Weiss, who most recently served as Chief of Staff to the United States Secretary of Education from 2009-2012, has joined the board of LearnZillion. Prior to her role as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Education, Weiss led the Department’s $4.35 billion Race to the Top program. She joined the Department from NewSchools Venture Fund, where she was Partner and Chief Operating Officer at the venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education by supporting education entrepreneurs and connecting their work to systemic change.

LearnZillion is a portfolio company of Learn Capital ,,,a venture capital firm focused exclusively on funding entrepreneurs with a vision for better and smarter learning…

Great Kids! promotes seminars…   Here is their list….   for a large fee they will show you how to outreach to your community…  and develop great kids.  Nothing here really helps parents with their child’s Smarter Balanced Assessment scores.

DelExcels  DelExcels is a coalition between the Delaware Department of Education, Delaware State Education Association, Delaware Parent Teacher Association, and Rodel Foundation of Delaware. This joint effort aims to inform all Delawareans about the changing education standards and assessments in our state.  Translated, that means it’s job is to support the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Go there for help and it sends you to Great Kids. which is full of fake propaganda pieces extolling great stories of learning, none of which apply to the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Remember, Great Kids sells seminars.

If math is your concern you are directed to a “free online tutoring” with Mr. Elementary Math.  You are then hit with assortments of doo-dads schools or teachers can buy for their classrooms.

Which brings us to the whole point of Common Core and raising standards… The prime reason for this push is because private enterprise and Wall Street investors wanted a piece of the one trillion dollar educational market.  Most of that is taken by public schools and is out of the hands of private investment.   Common Core was implemented to artificially raise standards, and then a plethora of private companies could move in with offers to help children meet those artificially raised standards…

It is as if we said Usain Bolt’s 100 meter dash was not good enough, Why not 8 seconds for the new standard, and then we opened the door for private enterprise to develop ways of running 100 meter in under 8 seconds…  Smarter Balanced is like that…

Our new standard is artificially created. It is artificially supported.  it is artificially spun.  It’s results are artificial as well. And its originators hope many, many parents will be suckered into spending hard earned dollars to help their child succeed, when their child could otherwise succeed just as well without the spending of any extra money, if we’d just left the standards the same….

All Common Core and Smarter Balanced are when it comes down to it… is one big commercial…. Hype….to sell a product… And like the angst suffered by Ralphie and his family in the video provided… parents across this country will experience similar frustrations.. all for a crummy commercial….

The Delaware Department of Education’s email… proves it…   This is why this administration is forcing Delaware to continue what almost every other state has dropped…..  Our legislature has had wool put over its eyes.  It is there no longer. The real question is whether our legislators will drop their support for Common Core and the Smarter Balanced Assessment, despite 100% of child psychologists calling for its eradication, …… or….. will they be bought out too?

After Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans, being that Bush was flying overhead in a helicopter, many entrepreneurs thought the time had come to make the inner city into an all-charter district and show the world what free enterprise, competition, business morals (or lack thereof) could accomplish… Surely at worst, they’d be better than the public system which existed beforehand and they could all become wealthy while going public good by giving poor children a step up.

It has been 10 years… and by all indications… if this is what an all Charter District looks like, DELAWARE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHARTERS WHATSOEVER…

A) Finding a charter school for a child with disabilities is impossible.

B) Schools advertising special programs, do not provide them.

C) Administrators lie to regulating bodies which then, must pull a Pencader, Moyer, or REACH upon the school.

D) All the schools violate special education laws.  No school complies because it is cheaper to close a school and open a  new one, than go through the process of complying.

E) New schools open. They get handed off to new charter operators. They close down.

F)  One chooses a school out of 50+ elementary campuses.  One is not guaranteed a spot near one’s home.  Families submit a list in order of preferences and a computer makes a match, often sending ones child across the city.

G) In a city where 80% are low income, the time to research and visit new school choices before enrolling is not there. This is a huge stumbling block in the Charter mantra that parents are not limited to a failing school in their zip code. That may be true if you earn over $567,000 and have two partners as head of a family and several nannies only a phone call away..   It is not true for a single mom juggling 2 jobs to make $200 a week.

H) The Computer (called One-App) matches students and schools based on demand and number of seats available. Not on which match is the best for the student.

I)  The highest performing charters still hold onto their selective policies, as in our local Charter Schools of Wilmington and Newark, and remain just as closed to the disadvantaged city students as they were when it was an all public district.

J) Charters use these tactics to not accept disadvantaged students by encouraging transfers, not reporting open spots, or marketing schools through invitation-only events.

K) A lawsuit filed in 2010 by the Southern Poverty Law Center alleged that the New Orleans’ charter schools served fewer students with disabilities than did district-run schools.

L) Several schools either flat-out turned away students with special needs or didn’t have the right teachers and staff to provide them necessary services.

M) To fix this problem, New Schools for New Orleans has been aggressively seeking foundation money and awarding grants to charter schools to expand their special education services. Ultimately costing taxpayer FAR, FAR, FAR more than public schools ever could.

N)  Those changes were only driven by the 2010 lawsuit,

O)  Overall. A system where the ultimate accountability rests on school closure is not sustainable for a family. They need stability: familiar classmates, teachers who know their students, schools that stays open, year in and year out.


Charters do not provide that.  “We’d be better under the direction of a chimpanzee,” said one parent. “That’s how I feel as a parent seeing this whole system.”

We need now to eliminate charters. Not grow them... If the grand test-case to promote charters has been a complete failure, how can anyone expect a Delaware district with less national attention or desire to do right, to perform any better?

Rid ourselves of charters. We have seen their damage, and we don’t want it… You cannot have private enterprise whose sole purpose is to make profit, perform in a field where the sole purpose should be to give your child the best education that all the money available can provide… These two are pulling in opposite ways…

You cannot get good results when you have two diametrically opposite forces pulling you apart….

Twenty four days have passed since other states released their preliminary Smarter Balanced Assessment reports. Of course there are reasons, just like I can come up with 100’s of reasons not to wash the dishes piling up in my sink.  But no matter how many reasons I create… those dishes are still there.

Delaware is almost the only state who has not released the preliminary charts of the Smarter Balanced assessments.

A possible clue as to why?  All the other states rushed to release their data showing they… exceeded expectations…

Just sayin’.

Why are we still taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Why are we still teaching the bankrupt and odious Common Core?

Why have we not put the officers of Rodel in jail?

Please feel free to answer in the comments down below?


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