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Just released from a top secret Charter meeting between the principal players in this state as well as several larger corporations and the US Department of Education, is a new tactic that may actually be worth keeping Charters afloat in order to run this course to see if it would make a difference….

The plan is to allow pot smoking at all charter schools.  I know, but this is crazy enough to work… Follow the logic first and then make up you mind at the end.

A)  Charter’s Don’t Have To Follow Any Rules

Charter Schools are not bound by rules that public schools must follow.  This would make them the perfect laboratory in which to mix the placid effects of THC and the brilliance of unlocking the most powerful computer in the world, the human mind.

B)  Charter Schools Can Have Independent Financial Sources Other Than State Funding…

Originally designed so religions could put money into them, and later could investors as well, Charter Schools are allowed to have other funding methods than that of the taxpayer in that district.  So Charter Schools could fund themselves by selling marijuana on the open market, even becoming dispensaries of the medical version.  As we have seen in Colorado, this generates huge amounts of income… Period… Did I say HUGE?  The amount of money that goes towards marijuana is phenomenal and could certainly be tapped at Charter Schools to educate little children.  They could even sell to parents and offer in-school discounts just too keep enrollment levels up….

C)  Almost Everything Learned By  Everyone After Baby Boomers Was Learned Under The Influence Of Marijuana.

Whether as they retire these days, they were doctors, lawyers, policemen, government officials, priests, pastors, engineers, architects, MRI operators, Tractor Trailer haulers, fast food managers, grocery store cashiers, or DOE picks by Markell, the likelihood that everything they know was learned “under the influence” is remarkably high…

This means that it worked before, it can work again. People remember stuff when they take THC… Most children go through a whole day’s schooling and when you ask what they remember of it… they say… “nothing”… That can change instantaneously…   if we are truly concerned about retention, then we need THC-taking students absorbing full lessons..  immediately.  Charters are the best vehicle to accommodate that….

D)  Marijuana is cheap... when you take out the taxes and carrying costs for its former illegality.  it is essentially as cheap as grass… You know all those grass clippings you sweep up all summer?  Well, just as cheap as that to produce…  Schools could even grow their own and teach agri-economics to toddlers in a way even they could understand.   If one measures the profit that can be gleaned from something that costs nothing to produce, but will sell at stratospheric prices, one can readily see how Pot Producing Charters can pay for themselves and  full per student funding can remain in the resident public school districts as originally intended…

E)  School Should Be Fun.… grownups as well as children learn best when there is an emotional contingent enhancing their learning.  Play is important for small children because that is where 99% of their learning comes from… The other 1% is from Mom or Dad scolding them.   THC learning is pretty fun… At least from the stories Baby Boomers have been circulating since the early seventies, and the Beatniks from before that, one would think THC learning is the way to go…   Although public schools have too many restrictions and would require extensive political conditioning of the populace, as mention in the first section (A) above, charters not being bound by any rules could implement it immediately….

Bottom line should be about improving education… Charter Schools have completely failed America over the past 25 years of their implementation…  They are in the process of being shut down nationwide along the same way one would turn out the calvary to pasture once assured we were in the age of mechanical warfare.  Anyone who has faith in Charter Schools as they currently are these days, is probably smoking something… And that ironically could be the saving grace of Charter Schools in America today… And if, hitting up the THC hookah before every class, benefits American education overall, making us all wise beyond the capacity of Yoda even, then the real reason is…. why not?

And Wall Street which has so heavily invested in Corporate Run education?  They could invest in hemp farms instead….   It’s a Win, Win, Win situation where no one can ever lose, Lose, Lose….

It has my endorsement.  This is not satire. It is a serious proposition thought up in a late night meeting Saturday night and early Sunday morning by Delaware’s principal educational players and its Charter School Network…   who for whatever reason, may have gotten a good “hit” on the right solution….

As Trump spews racist comments out both left and right sides of his mouth, Republicans don’t hear it and continue to do their duty and push the vote button beside his name…

In a way, they are comparable with those Germans still fighting for Hitler after the war was inevitably lost.  What really were they fighting for?  More dead by prolonging the inevitable?

All Republicans need to recognize their party is RACIST… Not all it’s members are RACISTS, but… the party itself…. IS…

It is anti-Black, no matter what lip service they send minorities.  It is anti-immigrant, primarily focused on Hispanics, but their language is broad enough to include all non white Americans.   It is anti-women, reveling in “pigs” and “fat” and other derogatory terms used to give women pause, more then accurately call anything out as it really is…

Basically the Republican party is nothing but bullies who intimidate others into staying in line…

It is also sexist and highly derogatory to women…. Based on recent comments, it appears that a woman not only has to do what men do, but also do it backwards, and remain “pretty” and “smiling” throughout the entire process…

We just witnessed the worst possible candidate every nominated by a major party make a huge fool out of every Republican still intent on voting for him… And there was silence… Exactly how bad was Mr. Trump?

Well…. Let’s for a moment just pretend he is a ….. woman, shall we?

“Imagine a woman who showed up to a presidential debate unprepared, sniffling like a coke addict and interrupting her opponent 70 times. Further,  let’s imagine that she had 5 kids by 3 different men, was a repeated adulterer, had multiple bankruptcies, paid zero federal taxes and rooted for the housing crisis in which many thousands of families lost their homes. Wait… there’s more: she has never held any elected office in her life.”

So … why are you still voting for him?    There can be only ONE reason….. he is a male………… probably the worst fvcking male on this planet, lol, but still, he is a male…

Face it… You are sexist….

“A student sits poised with her bow string at a practiced angle to her violin, her eyes following both the written notation in front of her and the conductor’s direction, aware of both her own music and the sounds coming from fellow students’ instruments.

New research suggests that the complexity involved in practicing and performing music may help students’ cognitive development”

Learning to play music, unlike any other activity, creates the growth of massive neural pathways in the brain.  Old schoolers know this. The new self-crowned educationalists whose college consisted of learning the avoidance of dodgeballs,  are completely unaware.

They unfortunately are the ones behind Common Core….

So, getting rid of Common Core, will keep the brain-ways of your child intact, and allow for more growth.  I’m sure a study is already in the works, that will show how “rigor”, causes the strengthening of what few neural pathways already exist, at the expense of growing new ones.

Common Core has just become very dangerous for your child if it is followed through….  Delaware by trying to be first to get to the top, is damaging your children far more than other states further behind on the curve. We have lost one class year (2012-2013) so far. Get concerned. Get knowledgeable. Get involved..