“Well, a little while ago, when we mentioned that this one, in typical fashion, was going right to the wire, little did we know . . .

The state school official winds up, leans back, and throws—

State leaders and Common Core supporters say they hosted public meetings on the standards and that the committees that created them featured many teachers. They also point out that Common Core started with a push by governors – with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell prominent among them.


Kilroy’s at bat… here’s the swing….

“Bullshit! The decision to join the Common Core Standard States was made and then the indoctrination public and parents began!”


And it’s a high fly ball going deep to left! this may do it! . . . Back to the wall goes, yes, I think it is . . . over the fence, home run, the Parents win! . . . (long pause for crowd noise) . . . Ladies and gentlemen, Kilroy has hit a one-nothing pitch over the Common Core fence at Blogger’s Field to win the 2013 Common Core Contest for the Delaware Parents by a score of ten to nine! . . . Once again, that final score . . . The Delaware Parents, the 2013 world champions, defeat the Marky Murphies. The Parents ten, and the Murphies NINE!”

Nice hit, dude.