From Kilroy.

a letter to Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, signed by the superintendents of Delaware’s 19 school districts, requests that the state Department of Education postpone utilizing the Academic Framework as a measure of progress in the ESEA amendment and instead continue with the current AYP measures for one more year…..

Again, as is happening across the nation, every single human being who has experienced Common Core, is either calling for its removal or postponement.

A very terrible system has been thrust on our educational system by those who stand to make billions off of the deal.  The product being given is harmful to children, and will cause society great trouble when these children mature and move into the adult world.

All legislators who have been sleeping with their heads under their blankets, need to wake up and take this letter seriously.

It was signed … not by just one,  or two.  or three.  or four… or five…. or six…. or seven… or eight…. or nine…. or ten…. or eleven…. or twelve…. or thirteen…. or fourteen….. or fifteen…. or sixteen…. or seventeen…. or eighteen…. superintendents…

It was signed by all 19 superintendents.  How many school districts are there in Delaware?  19.  Every single school district is demanding a year’s delay….

Common Core is dying, and we need distance before the balooning bloated body explodes and covers us all with its e. coli bacteria.