The controversy over the SBA (Smart Balanced Assessment) is nothing new.  We face similar challenges across our entire life.  Often they are based on faith… since we cannot see into the future to know what will really happen… For example….

  • Should I marry X…. or break up and look for something better….
  • Should I buy this house, which looks good now, or wait and try another one later…..
  • Should I have my operation now, and take the 50/50 risk of death, or wait to see if it is really necessary….
  • Should i SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE for this car…. or wait,  maybe keep the one I have which has no problems…..

Now if you are like me (human) you probably base each huge decision upon data… Such as, how does this person act when I’m not around:what did the inspectors find out about this house: what are the past results of this doctor with this operation: are their any consumer reports on this new car I’m about to buy…..

If you apply this type of searching on the SBA (Smart Balanced Assessments) you come losing if you go forward……

One:  the only good thing going for these tests is the salesman’s own pitch:  “this is the best product on the market”  There are no comparative studies.

Two:  All reports emanating from the testing of the SBA (Smart Balanced Assessments) show myriads of problems are being created to achieve the same results we currently have now without the problems.

Three:  All competent independent analysis of this test, show it to be a lemon of catastrophic proportions.

Four:  If we go forward with this test, and the consequences are not rosy, we lose half of everything we have.  The consequences are enormous…..

So you want to buy a new car, huh?  You want one which breaks down daily, right?  You want one that goes backwards when you shift it into drive, right?  You want one with no navigational system, right?  You want one that eats 20% of your income over the next 4 years, right?  You want one that most people once they see it, say…”Ewwwww, hope you paid next to nothing for that piece of junk.”…

Meanwhile you have a car that hums, you’ve only paid for brakes, gas mileage is in the thirties even though rated at 24.

Do you jump to something you know not of, and get rid of something totally reliable?


Just because their salesman is telling you to?


Guess what, dudes!  It’s my money, not yours. And I say pull the plug on this phony sale’s pitch NOW.: